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How many times have you heard people say, “Age is just a number?” Do you think age matters when it comes to sex? For some women, it is their prerogative to have sex or engage in porn even at their old age. They believe in the saying, “If you do not mind then it does not matter too.” This review will help you know everything there is to know about the site. The majority of the porn sites focus on girls with big tits and in their twenties or below. Unknown to most people, there are also sites that feature women in their 50s and 60s. So, do not be surprised to find a site with grandma as the center of attraction. After all, when it comes to sex, age does not matter. 60 Plus MILFs is a porn site that features women in their 60s and above. These women are basically, grannies or grandmother and they have sex with men half their age. Take note, the models are older but they do not look like it. In fact, they still look pretty good, not wrinkled and ancient.

The website offers more than just porn with grandma as the star, but much more. This site offers quality content that you can download and stream. There are close to 150 action packed scenes shown here, which you will find in the video section. The scenes are definitely hot especially the hardcore stuff. There are also anal, interracial scenes and DP action that you will enjoy watching.

That’s not all! The site also offers images with good resolution, which you can view in the photo galleries. Both the videos and images are available for download in a variety of quality. So, if you want to save some hot pictures or videos, just go to the video or photo area and download whatever you like to save for later viewing or personal collection. 60 Plus Milfs is a porn site that could take you to the edge of your seat with their steamy sex scenes and other members benefit. So, checking out this site to know if it is worth your time or continue reading to the end to know more.

Site Features

The website simplicity is a plus factor for it takes away the hassle of visiting many sections. This website does not have advanced search tool but rests assured that you could easily find the video or images you wish to see. After all, the site does have an effective search filter that allows you to sort by date, rating, name, etc.

60 Plus Milfs offers good content, which you can download or stream. The site content is not that huge, just enough to keep you busy for awhile, You see! There are close to 150 scenes with the length of 20 minutes each. The full-length or clips videos are available for download in MP4 and WMV format. The quality of the content is good so you will not be disappointed especially since they are also exclusive and original content. By the way, the videos are shown in the video area while the latest upload is shown on the home page. The home page is where you will also find the top lists and the news. Each of the movies also comes with a sample shot with links to the viewing page. When it comes to streaming, you can stream HD videos in flash player.

What’s more! There are also photo galleries that you can browse and download. Each of the galleries has an average 50 images. The galleries offered three viewing options and thumbnail pages that you can view in full screen at 800×1200. You can view the images hands-free through the slideshows. Images are available for download in Zip files and in a variety of quality with the clearest resolution at 3000 x 2000 pixels. The images galleries contain footages of the models and action scenes.

Both the galleries and videos come with a brief introduction, stats on images and interactive options. The interactive feature allows you to rate the scenes, leave a comment on the images and videos as well as add them to favorites. This site also offers bonus sites that you can check out when you take the free tour or sign up for membership. The bonus sites are shown in the “My Sites” in the members’ area. And there are over 70 bonus websites that you can access without extra cost.

Site Girls

The website features grannies or women in their 60s and above. But, the models are still looking much better than their age. In other words, these women not wrinkled yet and even if they are in their 60s, they certainly do not look it. So, there is no reason for you to feel disgusted or surprised that there are porn stars who are already grandmas.

60 Plus Milfs is a website that offers more than just grannies with nice boobs but also variety. That is right! Once you sign up for membership you will find a lot of action featuring grandmas having sex with fit studs. In fact, you get to watch not just hardcore scenes but also anal, interracial scenes, threesomes, etc. And since these 60s women are hornier than their partner, you get to watch awesome fuck scenes.
In this site, over 60 models will get your attention and Charlie Charm, a 63-year-old blonde-haired woman is one of them. She is a definite heart stopper especially when you see her rock the bed with Tony.

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60 Plus Milfs is a porn site with a nice design and awesome models that are in their 60s and above. The models are grannies that love cock and enjoy sex. This website has a good collection of high-quality movies, good pictures and model index that you will enjoy browsing. There are also bonuses that further gives value to your membership.

At 60 Plus Milfs, you can have a pleasant porn time as the site content can definitely make you jerk off fast. So, check out the site content to see if indeed they are worth your time and money.

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