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Have you ever been to a porn Assylum that has fresh perverted girls with some strange sex desires? If you have then you already have an idea of what happens in there. Assylum staff has the difficult duty of making these girls better. They have to help them depart from their perverted ways by making them feel the awful feeling of what it means to indulge in such habits. These bitches are treated in the most horrible way possible and then later they are made to swallow all the cum that the men can spill. These perverted girls and their therapist are what you will find at a site like Assylum. On this site, you get to watch

On this site, you get to watch some of the most real hardcore porn you can ever imagine. It is all about giving therapy in a way that patients at the Assylum are kept in line. The idea behind the site is that these naughty girls with perverted fantasies have been brought to the Assylum to undergo therapy. They are tied, they are beaten and their asses are invaded with the most absurd objects. The BDSM that is found on the site are therapies given out by Dr. Mercies to help the girl. Unfortunately for the girls, Dr. Mercies shows no mercy when it comes to giving out therapy. She is concerned about the welfare of the girls so she is bent on doing her job the best she can. It doesn’t matter if she has to insert a fist into the girl’s anus if that is what it takes to get these girls back to normal; she is going to do it. There is a lot of ass eating on the site with the eating going as deep as possible. These girls are fucked in the ass by huge cocks as they eat up the doctor’s ass. Once you are sure porn that includes a lot of awful feelings is your thing, you can head on to this site and click to get visitors pass.

You can choose between a standard membership and a premium membership. Premium membership allows visitors to download videos in 4k ultra high definition format. Since this is a new technology and many people do not yet have the required gadgets to be able to play and download this, it is important to check carefully when choosing your visitor’s pass. Unlike other sites that only allows payments through credit card, this site allows payments through PayPal and bitcoins. At this point, it is important to note here that this site has received a number of Rabbit Reviews Rise Awards. In 2015, it received the awards for “that’s original”, “innovation”, and “Masterful Monker”.

Site Features

When you are going to this site, bear in mind that you are going to an Assylum and so do not expect anything flashy. The website is simple and straight to the point. It does a good job of welcoming visitors with many videos uploaded on the homepage. Right from the home page, you can begin to understand what the site is all about. The look of fear on the faces of the patients as they are beaten is enough to get your sexual juices to be activated.

The site has a main menu on the left-hand site that features tabs for patients and staff. On this tab, you will meet all the patients currently admitted into the Assylum as well as the staff of the Assylum. To see anything meaningful on the site you will have to get your visitor’s pass by clicking on the “Get your visitors’ pass”. Some added features on the site include the search box and the ability to sort movies by the title, how recent it is and by the rating. Members can also create a favorite list on the site.

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Site Girls

The models on the site are real amateurs who are either invited to join the site or send in their request to join. To be accepted, a model must show that they have a passion for rough sex and are not satisfied until they are roughly handled and treated like scum. If a model can prove that they have already been involved in such rough porn before, they will be given a chance to model on the site. Coming back to the patients, they are all fresh with perverted fantasies. They are all undergoing therapy at the Assylum and some are doing better while others still have a long way to go and need more therapy.

Some patients include Delirous Hunter, Caramel Star, Alex Nova and a host of others. The videos on the site are really interesting and will leave you who have a penchant for hard and rough porn highly excited. One video that is typical of what happens on the site is “Deranged Dollie” featuring Alisha Adams. In the video, Alisha is a pervert who loves blow drop and is super excite excited when she loses her control. She is turned into a doll by placing strings on her lips that turn her jaw into a mechanical jaw. Anytime the string is pulled she responds with a mechanical “fuck my mouth” by which her mouth is well fucked and her ass too.

The site has a minimum of 50 of these hardcore videos available in HD and in MP4 format. They can be downloaded and streamed. Members have a maximum of 3 videos to download per day. The videos are quite long with most lasting 50 minutes. The videos also carry comments from the performer.

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