CFNMCollege is translated as Clothed Female Nude Males, as the name suggests. It is all about clothed females and naked males. It is an edgy site that has sexy girls, and cute guys they have to disrobe, all for fun and sex. It is set in the UK and it is pretty wicked the amount of pleasure the girls put the boys through playing with their cocks and virgin assholes.

The site stands out as being totally amateur and original. It is a site that meets all the fetishes of crazy weird girls and insane guys and the raunchiness on the site is on another level which is a huge part of the excitement.

Site Features

Opening the site for the site brings you to a lovely page well arranged with icons and menus set in easily accessible areas. Navigation of the site is also not that difficult and one can move around the site without a lot of problems. However, that is just the opening pages. Venturing deeper into the site, one cannot assume the simple flaws in the design that exist on the website. The home page is designed in an inviting manner.

The site looks like everything has been thrown together without a proper way to search or anything like that. Since the site is simple, you only have to scroll down and look at all the episodes and click the one you desire you to download. Colorful descriptions is a plus to the design and makes the site more worthwhile.

Site Girls

There is a mix of jock and scrawny looking guys mixed together for the ultimate pleasure. The guys are all white, they are not seen in real action sex scenes at the homepage but I have no doubt that they can make you scream loud for more of their cock. Do you love the hairy bodied dudes or the ones who are plain-bodied all are here, for me the hairy ones are the best they make me go crazy. Also, the ladies on the site are pretty hot, natural and attractive. The last time I checked the site, it had about two dozen episodes which are too insufficient for a library in this day and age.

However, in consolation, the episodes are divided into many parts and many of the videos have multiple videos of around 10-15 minutes each. Also, the collection according to me has good enjoyable porn. Maybe that’s the reason why the episodes are not that many. The videos can be offered as WMV downloads at 640×480 plus another size and flash streaming. The quality is mid range, hand-held, slightly shaky in some cases. The acting is also pretty and real.

I visited CFNM one cool evening and it brought back all the old memories where my naughty girlfriends enjoyed tempting shy handsome guys who could not approach any lady. A group of such girls used to undress, make hot sexy dance and even finger each other in front of the dudes and yes the videos in this site display the same.

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If you have not yet visited CFNMCollege and are into seeing some desirable British guys, then you are missing out. The site should focus on offering high-quality videos and pictures if they are to match with other sites that offer HD videos and photos. CFNMCollege is a site worth visiting and enjoying.

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