Double View Casting


Today we will be taking a look at Double View Casting. This is the is the kind of porn site that primarily focuses on girls, but with a different perspective to what most of you are used to. As the name of the site itself indicates, the style in which the videos are filmed gives you the option of watching each scene in one of two ways, either POV or main camera perspective or, if the viewers prefer, both perspectives at the same time.

Site Features

Unlike usual porn videos, the footage on Double View Casting is shot with two cameras simultaneously instead of just one main camera that shifts between various angles and perspectives and when selecting the video you can choose which perspective you want to see. You also get access to all the picture galleries that come with each video. Additionally, you can always also view both perspectives on the screen at the same time which is an obvious added plus, since a lot of the times, either with POV or main camera view there are issues with the scene in itself, in the sense that you can’t always see exactly what is going on due to the angle or obstructed view, but with having both perspectives at the same time eliminates all of that which means you are not missing any of the action what so ever.
The website in itself is very easy to use and intuitive, with a modern and very adaptable interface. The theme is very responsive and it automatically and almost instantaneously resizes to any screen size, regardless of the device or browser, which makes it ideal for using on anything, from a desktop to a mobile phone or tablet.

Site Girls

The theme of Double View Casting is a type of casting couch scenario where willing chicks are trying to impress male casting directors in order to get a job in the pornographic industry. As previously mentioned, this site focuses primarily on chicks, and as such the female performers are all girly, fresh-faced and slim, with ages ranging between 19 and 23 and all are primarily Eastern European.
Keep in mind that this is a niche website and as such all the videos follow the same storyline, with a fresh faced, tight bodied woman comes in to do an interview to potentially get a job in porn and has to then prove her skills with a screen test featuring one of the two male casting directors.
All the content is filmed in high quality HD so the videos are very crisp, bright, clean and of great quality which means that regardless of the medium you are viewing the videos on, be they a large screen or a mobile device, the quality does not fade.
Additionally, all content is available for download for all members of the site and this includes both videos as well as the photo galleries that go with each video. In total, the website is home to over 90 videos, each around 25 minutes long and a gallery of around 110 images for each individual video.

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Double View Casting offers a fresh and innovative perspective on a tried and tested favorite. It stands out through its unique approach and style. If you enjoy interview type videos, you should definitely try this site and you are guaranteed to love it!

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