Enchantae is an online adult comic book about a mystical kingdom, where sexual practices are part of the main religion. The site is full of photos that serve as panels of the adult comic. These are still images and no animation. You can get unlimited access to this exclusive comic for a very fairly priced 30 day fee.

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When you type the URL into your browser’s address bar, the first page that will open will ask you to confirm you are above age of consent and choose between two languages. The comic is in both English and Spanish. All the episodes and chapters are written in both of these languages. There are several sections on the site, which new users need to be aware of. Visitors can either take the free tour or click on the free comic to get a sample of the introductory chapter. The download section has some high resolution wallpapers for fans. You can request a scene from the commissions section. You can click on the image to start reading the episode. All the panels will be displayed in the new page. You can click on each of the panels to enlarge the page. The panel will take about 3/4 of your browser window. You can begin browsing through the comic by clicking the next and previous buttons at the bottom of the page. There is no slideshow or enlarge function. These two functions will make it easier to browse through the content but the comic is okay as it is. There are quite a number of sites that have adult comics and some of them are free, while others are paid. This site stands out for a number of reasons. There is only one artist drawing all the articles, which has given it a high level of consistency since the site was launched in 2007. The storyline is continuous from the beginning to the end. The graphics are crisp and visually appealing. The site is also uploaded four times every month without fail.

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The artist Jordi Bayarri is clearly talented both as a writer and as a comic artist. He worked on the artwork as well as the characters and the story. The artist’s imagination is evident both in the way he brings his characters to life through this comic and the unique story that is Enchantae. The men and women that live in the kingdom worship the goddess of sex and pleasure whose name is Ano. Ano has appointed a priestess to represent her in the kingdom in the form of Neruta. Nerita has a companion, who is always horny and always gets distracted whenever sex is an option. The high priestess Nerita is looking for a special amulet and she goes around the kingdom looking for clues. Everyone she meets, be it members of the royal family or guards, want sexual favours in exchange for giving clues. She is happy to oblige after all she is the priestess of sex and pleasure. She also encourages Enchantae citizens to have as much sex as possible in honour of their goddess Ano.


There are a few improvements that are needed on the site. However this comic is far better than most you’ll find online. It is also very fairly priced. There is no good reason not to subscribe especially if adult comics are your thing.

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