Having the option to watch as much of a movie as I want and when I want to is very important to me. I think a lot of viewers would agree. Stumbling upon a streaming-focused website such as Erostreaming just makes my day. So, sit back as I take you through the erotic world of Erostreaming.

Site Features

As soon as you enter, things get real graphic. They offer many thumbnails that show exactly what the scene is all about. For members a variety of filter and search options are added. You sort through the content by date, ratings or even favorite pornstar. You will also have access to a community page, a link to picture galleries, cams or model pages only.

I know some are very fussy regarding their fantasies, but for me personally, this is a welcomed alternative. I don’t always know what I want and on Erostreaming, I have plenty of things to choose from. Because the site offers so many choices, you have plenty of stuff to see and do.

I know that some may think a streaming site can’t handle mobile access, but this one does. They go to great lengths to ensure smooth browsing and viewing conditions to all members and across all platform devices.

Site Girls

Whether you like them white, black, Asian or even all at once, you’ll have no trouble in finding the model of your dreams. Busty or with tight tits they’re all in there licking or sucking on something.

It’s safe to say they have over 5000 videos to date, probably way more if you count the content that’s not shot in HD. While HD is great and all, on a streaming site it is nice to have options. I’m sure everyone will sacrifice a bit of quality in order to have a smooth playback. You can always look at HD pictures if that’s the only way you get satisfied. You won’t get bored considering they have weekly updates. Not that anyone really has time to watch 5000 videos in a lifetime.

Because of how many genres they cover and how many scenarios there are, run times vary a lot. There are some 15 minute scene and also movies that run for over one hour. The longer ones more often than not involve group sex. You can’t show enough of 10 people doing it in only a few minutes. However, in many cases you can also view certain parts of movies. They often cut them up and show different camera angles in single videos.

Membership comes with many perks here. Unlike most sites, they offer a bit more than just extra ones. As a member, you can access the community and blog pages, get involved with other people and exchange fantasies or ideas, rate and influence the direction the site goes and much more. One of the more fascinating and rewarding experiences is chatting with the pornstars. I know that many men probably care only about one thing, but this is something different, and hard to find elsewhere. All of this for a one-month membership plan. I find it better not to have too many plans. If you still like something after one month, you’ll come back for more stuff.

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There is plenty of hardcore stuff to see. I like that I don’t have to wait for stuff to download and that I don’t have to pay for many months at a time. The pornstar interaction feature is awesome and I can only hope they will expand on it in the future.

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