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So many people may be thinking that hardcore porn is simply better and more dick-raising than the simple softcore porn or erotica. These people should be informed of the existence of this really good site, First Dream Studio!

It’s a site dedicated to capturing personal, private photos and a bit of film, showing very beautiful and sexy women in all their splendid glory, in their most natural form, whether they be with elegant clothes that perfectly match their beauty, or in lingeries to show their perfection not just with their faces, but just enough to tease us with a preview of their beautiful bodies, or in nude to perfectly emphasize how beautiful the female human body actually is.

You’ll just find a refreshing feel to this site that’s curiously also riddled with a pinch of wild sexiness that will actually make you satisfyingly horny and looking for a good fap session. It’s seriously actually one of the most genius ideas for a site ever.

Site Features

Along with the usual red, white and black background and font to show the sexy flair, you can see really good photos of these women. The site is simple, but because of that, the site is very easy to navigate. This good of a site, however, requires our support, as with any other good sites, so it’s a membership based site where after you become a member you have access to all of the photos of the beautiful woman that’s being featured in the site. Yes, you saw it right. Woman. Singular. That’s because the site only show the pictures of 1 woman per month. What the site lacks in quantity though, they make up with superb quality.

Another thing to note is that, even though the site is based on a membership, you can still view some of the pictures in the site. There’s a preview button somewhere near the place that indicates the name of the girl in the site. The name of the girl is a link itself where it tells you who the woman is, some descriptions of the woman like her body proportions, height, etc. The preview shows you some pictures, which are of course the choicest of them all, and provides information where they were shot, whether it’s at a sofa or a bed, or any other place.

Though the site only features one woman a month, it also shows you who is the next woman to be featured next month, along with one of the best photos shot by that woman. Finally there’s info about how to contact them, which is info at firstdreamstudio dot com. If you want to ask questions you can shoot an email to that address.

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Site Girls

For this, it’s important to note that the site is all about beautiful women. That was emphasized in the short description of the site that is found below the big slideshow that actually confirms what it says. Truly beautiful and stunning is the girl featured this month. Beautiful women with amazing looks and bodies are shown. They will let you see their very own beauty with a private and personal touch. Then there are also times when the women will be wearing exclusive lingerie that is provided: bras, panties, even bustiers, and nylons. They’re not being nude, they’re dressed in lingerie, and they will be teasing us with their figures.

The women will wear any lingerie, even the vintage ones. They will show off their beauty in high heels, nylon stockings or just bare-footed. Comfortable women will feel proud of how they look when they show their naked bodies. You will not only be able to see in here a relaxed woman, but you will also be shown how the personality of the woman is reflected by how she performs in front of the camera. Beauty, body, and personality are all present in the shoot.

The woman featured right now is Lia, and if you missed her, well you missed seeing someone really excellent. Lia is a European top model. Her beauty is striking. She looks amazing. Her body is all natural, absolutely 100% perfect. She has beautiful natural C size breasts and is 170cm / 5 ft 6 in tall. Her body is gorgeous and perfect. No photoshop used. Lia is featured in 405 photos that are divided into 5 galleries, each gallery about a certain place that really makes Lia shine. There is 1 video though about Lia in the bath. This is a welcome twist, the bath scene is really good. The video length is 7 minutes and is in MP4 format, available in 960×540 pixels or 640×360 pixels.

The photos are of really good quality, ensuring that the brand name of First Dream Studio is not tarnished. It shows really good lighting with really good angle shots, really emphasizing the beauty of model depicted. The photos are available in 960 pixels or in 3000 pixels.

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There are times when we can say less is more and more is less, and in a sense, First Dream Studio encompasses all that. It’s not always that more content is better. Some content is just bad, and therefore should be filtered out. Quality and quantity should be in balance. In that sense, First Dream Studio shows that less is more. There is also a false notion that less clothing equals more sexiness. That is absolutely not true all the time, and that kind of thinking has invaded the porn world.

There’s also this very appealing side of porn where girls are shown to have been fucked while still having their panties and skirts on, and that still really turns people on. Thinking that more hardcore is also more satisfying, this is wrong as well. First Dream Studio dispels all that illusion, and in that sense, shows that more is less. These quality pictures showing off a woman’s natural beauty and sexiness is of itself, very appealing and would definitely sell to more refined people. Let us all enjoy what the unique and genius site First Dream Studio has to offer to us after becoming members.

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