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Are you getting tired of the common porn star? Their fake breast that doesn’t excite you anymore, their pussy are all used up, and just dangling like an old ladies skin and, over all they just aren’t that sexy and arousing anymore. Spirit breaking isn’t it? Have you ever wished that, someone would just ask a random hot chick for a porn video? Well I did and luckily someone granted my wish! Rob Simyar, the founder of FTV Girls, decided to make a porn video of random hot chick. It all started back when he was in Hawaii where he hooked up with this gorgeous chick that he met, and they get to know each other and get all kinky and stuff, and one day, he had this idea of taking her to the public and video tape her while showing off her goods, and so they did! They did it all in the name of fun and they became close. This girl introduced him to some of her girlfriends, and they too became models of his videos, and so that started a new hobby for him, taking videos of them like public nudity and masturbating and well other stuff, if you know what I mean.

Rob is now a Certified Dentist and still practices his profession till this day. But the excitement and joy that he had experienced back in Hawaii followed him in Arizona, so he started to make a plan for his future videos. He decided to respect his models in his videos, he decided to shoot them in all their beauty and glory without some guy fucking them. Aside from being a talented photographer and director, he is also a renounce well known Dentist and a master of his arts, using the money generated from his profession he started simple at the beginning and when the videos begin to grab traction he bought the latest cameras and such, so to deliver you high definition videos.

And now FTV Girls is such a huge success that it is hailed as one of the top ten premium porn sites, you can also follow FTV Girls on Twitter, Google+ and in Pinterest. This site is such an amazing experience for me and I would like to share it with you. Just visit the site and you will be blown away by their beautiful models, why don’t you try it now.

Site Features

Now let us go to the features and design. I can say honestly that this has got to be the most artistic site I have ever seen, I mean, could you just look at the style on how Rob and his friends presented the beautiful ladies here. The black colored background and the way they took the pictures for their cover here is so majestic and at the same time sexy, have you ever seen any website out there to merge the two characters together? None! These guys really have talents, and that’s an understatement once you get to see how they presented their models in their videos. Why don’t you try watching them now and see what I mean.

There are just hundreds and hundreds of downloadable videos here at FTV Girls and you can watch them all in high definition, and there just thousands and thousands of photos that you can check, all are genuine models of FTV Girls, all are true genuine hotties, all are explicit and alluring. Unlike the other porn sites, they feature hard banging and dirty sex, the nitche here is to go gracious to the ladies but still sexy at the same time. Rob decided to shoot them in a way of showing, who they are, what is their usual outfit, where do they usually go or what is their favorite restaurant. The site also features the model itself, like her statistic, personality, hobby or what she does for a living, in that way you could also get to know who your favorite models are.

You can also enjoy FTV Girls in you tablet or smart phone whether you’re an Apple, Android or Blackberry user, FTV Girls, is supported, heck, you can even use your smart TV if you want to, that way you can enjoy watching their HD videos in wide screen television!

Site Girls

All the models here are amateur, no porn stars allowed. They are beautiful, sexy, all natural and genuine you will not find a single ugly chick on this site oh no. They are carefully hand picked models for your pleasure convenience. One of my favorite is Misty, she is a nude art model, she never tried porn before, but she is well suited for. Her talents in posing are extremely hot! She is 24 years old but she kinda look like 20, her sexy gorgeous ass is like a flesh grace from heaven, inspiring all of my sex imagination, oh man I might have already cum just thinking about her.

The site also features a girl on girl action like Brook and Fiona, the way they kiss and touch each other are so sensual making you feel like you just want to go there and fuck them both! Their pussy rubbing and erotic moaning will make you pre-ejaculate even before you drop that pants. Check out the site now, and who knows, the girl that you have been sexualizing back at the bus is probably here.

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The site is just amazing and wonderful, it’s a WORLD OF WONDERLUST, and no other website has come close to what this site has to offer. The site is so good that it is not available to all, it is a membership site, which also has its reputation for having one of the cheapest membership price in the web world, your money will truly be paid for its value here, I guarantee it. With weekly updates, you can enjoy the latest Adventure Girl of the Week and will keep you on track of the latest videos and latest model on FTV Girls.

The site also known for its safety, free of malware, no ads and no hidden links to bother you, all are safe to click and to explore so you could tour around the site unharmed and undisturbed. Overall the site is simply amazing like their women, that you Rob for making this and sharing this site with us thank you for creating such art integrated to porn. This site is truly amazing.

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