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It’s a wonder why these girls love to suck the cocks of these dudes, and even ride their cocks but that’s the catch. It isn’t every day that porn performance directors think of this combination.

Site Features

There is a host of user tools and navigation features provided on the home page. There is a list of categories that allows you to quickly sample a summary of the services available on the platform. I could choose the videos based on the age of the senior dudes. There are scenes that feature over fifty dudes, over 60 and over seventy-year dudes in steamy action. There is even a category for sampling content via live cam shows.

I could view the flicks directly on my mobile phone too. The mobile tweak has been done so well that you will hardly notice the difference between watching them on PC and doing it on mobile. The website loads impressively fast. I didn’t see any buffering problems I’ve witnessed on other sites before. I could stream the videos as much as I could. All the flicks come in full HD at 1080p.

If still photos are your thing, you have something to smile about when you subscribe to Grand Dadz. You have photo galleries with many photos in impressive high-res quality. I may disappoint you with the fact that you cannot download the flicks to your local disk but there is recourse. I could save my favorites and watch them at a later date. Each scene comes with descriptions that help you to easily connect with the sex action that ensues. There are model names and time stamps provided. 

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Site Girls

Grand Dadz is, surprisingly highly stimulating. If you thought that seniors have nothing to offer when it comes to hardcore sex action, you will have to rethink. The dudes on Grand Dadz are, clearly, advanced in time but they are up to the game. Yet, what struck me the most was the fact that the girls are some of the most attractive models I have watched in porn. It is a wonder why the girls seem to prefer these dudes for kinky sex. Yet, if you looked closer, you would notice that the seniors give as much as other dudes could.

I was aroused by the sheer style and zeal that the girls get down with, with the senior dudes in hardcore action and other sex performances. I loved the way the girls help the dudes to quickly summon an erection. They suck these dudes’ cocks and make them spray the well-brewed jizz on their faces and genitals. The sex happens spontaneously. The girls are seen screwing in such places as the office, in a healthcare facility or in more comfy places like in homes; on couches. Check out Anina Silk and John undress and screw on the office table. Anina must be feeling the heat and pleasure in John’s cock to the max, from the look on her face. She is a gorgeous curvaceous hottie that would give a beauty pageant panel of judges easy time to crown her.

All the videos provided on Grand Dadz come in full HD. The photos are also produced in great quality HD form. The video shooting is professionally done. The scenes are presented in a way that makes you sample everything that ensues in the encounters. There are over 70 videos for your viewing. The playback time for each flick varies from movie to movie. You can also sample photos in the galleries provided. Each of the galleries contains up to 70 pics. 

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Grand Dadz provides users with a unique niche for sex entertainment. The match (or mismatch, as some may see it) will stir your sex appetite to the max. The user features are effective and functional. You will love to check out these videos and photos brought in HD and high res quality respectively.

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