Her First Kisses


Her First Kisses may sound a little too sweet for a porn site, but it is more than just that. We are talking about lesbians engaging in more sexual activities. Sure, the plight might begin with a couple of smooches here and there but it always ends up a tad bit hardcore. These gorgeous ladies would want nothing but to be fucked in strap ons and dildos, licked until they orgasm, and get lots of things shoved up in their pussies and asses.

Launched in early January 2003, HerFirstKisses is managed by a well-known company that brought the porn industry equally hot porn sites to jack off to. Her First Kisses might sound too innocent a title, but trust me when I say there is more to these kisses than meets the eye. Get ready to explore a site where all your lesbian fantasies come to life. Expect the unexpected with these ladies and feast your eyes on the other bonus sites that come along with it.

Site Features

Her First Kisses, being a porn site that focuses solely on lesbian sex, has a heck of a girly layout. Not complaining though, it quite catches the theme of the site itself and since the theme is based on girls banging girls, I say it is a completely perfect interface to go for. The navigation in Her First Kisses is straightforward and getting your way around and through is a cinch.

You will see that there is a short description of the site on top and right below that are a couple of links that will help you get around. The ‘Home’ link goes on first, and clicking it will get you back in the home page. The ‘Our Network’ link – it will take you to their mega site. Following that is the ‘Members’ link, the place where you can register or log in (once you become a member). Right after that is the ‘Next’ button and it will automatically move you on to the next page. Keep in mind that if you are just browsing through, you won’t be able to access any more pages other than the first one.

Moving on, Her First Kisses has an all exclusive content. Yes, all the videos that you will be seeing or watching here cannot, in any means or way, be found anywhere else other than here. That helps preserve the uniqueness of the site and all the more reason for people to flock it. A trial version of the site is not supported and so it remains unavailable even until now. For you to have access to all the features this glorious lesbian porn site has to offer, you will have to register as a member – that means monthly and recurring (if you wish to extend your membership) fees. If you wish to be a member, you can pay via PayPal, Direct Debit (for those in Europe), or Credit Card. You may opt for a 30 days membership, a 90 day membership, or a 180 day membership. Special bonus and/or extra sites are also made available once you become a member.

The site is quite diminutive despite being around for a long time already, with only less than 400 scenes to take heed of. They once stopped updating but now seems to be on the go again. If my math is correct (which is a long shot), they update a bit every week. Sometimes, even twice. Other times, it just seems really quiet, as well. You’ll also notice that Her First Kisses’ home page is flooded with a lot of video thumbnails in the form of video caps and all. These video caps, once clicked, will directly navigate you towards the corresponding video or videos. On the right part of the site, you will notice that you can download by clicking on each large thumbnail. This serves as a dual purpose one though, since, clicking on them will give you the option of watching them in your browser or downloading them.

On the left, you will also notice that they have put up a row of their fresh and latest updates. They also come as medium sized thumbnails and these ones are dated. Unlike the ones on the right though, you won’t be able to click on them. Do remember that the movies or scenes are uploaded in parts and they have below average to average quality video play backs. Another pro for this site is that the member’s can have a ‘Favorites’ selection and there are bonus sites to look forward to. These bonus sites can be located right below the site itself. Once a member, you can click on any of those and you will be almost automatically be forwarded to the following site. All of the extra sites are also hardcore, so celebrate, my friend.

Site Girls

You get different varieties, as well. You have girls who are fresh. You have MILFs and mature women taking each other down, pussy to pussy. You’ll see tons of women playing with their girlfriends and shoving things up their pussies and asses. You will see a lot of fingering and pussy eating, as well as strap ons, vibrators, and dildos.

You will be able to see most of these videos in HD, like the site promised. The older videos tend to have lower specs compared to the newer ones though. You will be able to stream or download the videos, too. Streaming the videos will only need an updated version of Flash and then you can watch these in a 640 x 360 pixel resolution. As for downloads, you will be given two formats that you can choose from, which are in MP4 and WMV. The resolutions can vary but most are in 1280 x 720 or 720 x 576. There is no download limit but it is also important to note that the site has no photo galleries, just video caps.

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If you are into the whole lesbian sex kind of thing (because who doesn’t), then I strongly recommend this site. Updates have been rather erratic but they’ve been adding a lot of new stuff this year and they still are. The videos can range from average to great, but these average ones are still very watchable. You get gorgeous girls in very steamy lesbian sex scenes and what can get any better than that?

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