iFriends is less of a porn site and more of a community of cam models who work from home and use the specific software provided by iFriends to broadcast live shows and take reviews from members. iFriends promises at least 100 models available at any one time to take requests.

Site Features

The website has a very basic and very simple design and realistically with the exception of the headings in the main menu bar and the tagline under the logo people visiting this website would probably initially not even realize that it was a porn network.
The website has a very simple interface with a white background and a blue menu bar at the top of the page, which makes it very simple to use and a great website for people who like simplicity.
From the start that is obvious that the website has a great selection of very diverse performs, as even the top menu of the website shows. The main options from the start are live cams, free, all girls, mature, BBW, guys, as well as a number of other categories and once a category has been selected thumbnails help the user pick a performer that they would like to watch, provided that they are available or if they are not engaged in a private performance.
The website, since it is a live feed platform, is constantly updating and refreshing itself, which is a great tool for people who are looking for a particular performer to be available, or who simply have not found exactly what they were looking for when they first accessed the site and who are willing to wait for a few minutes and see what becomes available in the meantime.

Site Girls

iFriends is the perfect place for people who would like a lot of variety, because as previously mentioned we are primarily talking about amateur models who work from home or from their own personal studios to offer live performances.
As previously mentioned in the article, you can get a very good idea of the type of performers on the site even from the main menu of the website so it is very easy for someone to find a particular type of performer that they would like to see, regardless if they are looking for chicks or hot women, or if they prefer mature women or MILFs as well as making it very easy for people to find a female performers of a certain body type or with particular physical features, since there are sections for BBW or big tits .
Keep in mind that this is an online platform for private performers so primarily the quality of the videos will not be uniform throughout the entire website, as the quality of the videos depends on the individual performers’ camera and studio setup. Additionally, the vast majority of the performers are in fact going to be a mature sense as previously mentioned this is a webcam show network with content provided by private models who primarily work from home and as such most of them are amateurs.

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iFriends is a great website for people who prefer a lot of variety and who have had enough of cookie cutter porn sites. It is definitely worth a try if you are a person who likes real performers who put on either private performances or live performances from the comfort of their own home, and if you also like a lot of variety in the performers you choose.

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