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Are you tired of the same old mundane boring porn videos that you keep watching? Because we are too. As time passes and as often we see these videos, we have become bored of these porn videos as well as the porn websites. The basic premise of these videos is same, there will be some focus alone on the girl and then it will be all about her getting fucked and that is it. All we keep watching is a woman getting pounded repeatedly. As fun as that is, sometimes just that turns monotonous. It is just mindless fucking and we seem to be looking for just more than that. Most of these videos we watch barely have any men in them. In fact, all we see of a man is mostly his cock. Or else we see his torso. The focus is not at all on the man. This makes us wonder how much of this porn is actually created for women. It is a very well known fact that men are the largest consumers of pornography. So, when adult entertainment companies produce porn videos, they mostly are only concerned about what a man’s sexual needs and desires are in bed. Almost never ever are a woman’s sexual needs and desires ever been taken into consideration. Now, what do you do if you are looking for more than just the regular porn video? Something that is less about mindless fucking and a little more about making love. Well, if that is what you are hoping for, then we have some news for you. And that is there is a website especially for you, and that website is Joybear.

From London’s very famous erotic movie makers, JoyBear is more than just your regular porn site. They create these videos keeping in mind what a woman would like in bed. They are not all about the fucking, a lot of these films have a storyline. Women love this website so much, that this website has received a ‘Good for Her’ feminist porn award in 2013. We liked the fact that JoyBear focuses more on love making than the fucking. The best part of this website is that this website is so popular and has such fantastic content that it was featured in Cosmopolitan, The Times, Esquire and even the very popular CNN. You know this is the real deal if these media companies have endorsed them. Know more about this website by reading our review further.

Site Features

We can give you an advanced notice right away, that your jaw will drop right down when you see this website. The layout and design of this website are so beautiful. This website is pretty as a picture. The website is really amazing. It is so lavish looking that it will make you feel exclusive. We tried very hard to check every inch and corner of this website to find something that we were not found of or some kind of a mistake, but we should say that we found absolutely nothing that we did not like or even a mistake on this website. Everything was just brilliant.

You could guess with one look at the website that they have spent quite a lot of money to create this website as well as to hire a very creative and talented team of designers. It is obvious that they had a clear idea in their minds before they created this website and have managed to execute their idea very well in reality. Coming down to the colors that they have used, all we have got to say is that this is like no other porn site we have ever come across. The colors they used are black and some font in gold. This so luxurious looking and ups the website’s game to a whole new level. This combination of colors is simply fantastic and we couldn’t have asked for more.

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Site Girls

The best part of the review has now arrived. It is now time that we talk about the girls and men that are featured on this website. We must say that these women and men on this website are fucking gorgeous. Let us take the women, to begin with. These women are all full bodied, with the perkiest of perkiest of tits and they are all natural and they have the tightest looking pussy possible. Men, one look at how hot these women are, your cocks are going to be up and erect in a matter of seconds. And the men on JoyBear are so masculine and insanely sexy that ladies, you will get wet in no time too. These men have the biggest biceps you could dream of. Their abs are so delicious looking that you would want to lick them all night long. And these guys have the juiciest and thick cocks that you could ever imagine. All you would be dreaming is of how these men would pound you all night long. And the sex in these videos is very arousing and intimate too.

The videos on this website are all available for download. They have over 150 videos. All these videos are in full high definition and are available in MP4 format. They have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at a rate of 6000 kbps. You can also watch these videos online directly if you wish to with the help of the embedded flash player.

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All in all, this is a fabulous website and we do not know why you are still here reading this review. Head on to JoyBear to take advantage of all the absolute goodness they have to offer. You ain’t going to get such hot men and women all in one website. And no other porn will ever be able to turn you on again like this website does.

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