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If you are a fan of porn, then you should know that there are some new things to explore, like some exotic variants of the genre. There is a site that I have discovered, one called Just Right Height, where you get to see some hot girls and guys that are vertically challenged, and you will certainly see things that you can enjoy. The site also has many surprises waiting for its members, who only need to join this lovely site, and they would have everything that they have ever wanted.

Site Features

The site has a good design, one that does not distract from the real deal, but that helps you find the thing that you want the most, that is, porn. So, starting from the home page, you can see many good things there, like the giant collage of images, straight at the top of the page. It also contains the site’s logo, as well as many pictures from different videos, showing all kinds of action. Further down, you can see other previews, which also have many pictures, though they would be from the same video, and you will be able to deduce what kind of action awaits you, at least in that particular scene.

All of the previews have captions so that the action is described in detail, and everything becomes that much clearer. The site also has many perks for its members, most of which become available straight after joining. The perks that matter the most, when it comes to the navigation are the sorting options and the search bar. The navigation is further enhanced by the good optimization, as you will find no lag at all on this site, no matter how much you browse. The site also works great on all the mobile devices, to the joy of many.

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Site Girls

This site is not only home to some of the hottest videos that you have ever seen, but is also a home to some of the hottest guys and girls, too, no matter their height. As you have some people that are more than short, the site deals with a very specific genre, and with that in mind, you know that you are in for some new things, things that are essentially going to be more than just hot. When you first lay your eyes upon some of the videos, you will truly understand, and enjoy the effort that has been put into making some of the scenes on the site.

The videos come in an HD resolution, which you can stream or download. Streaming is available in the flash format while downloads are available in the MP4 format. There are over 50 scenes on the site, and it keeps on growing, every week a new video is added to the collection. Furthermore, you can explore the galleries, which they also have, and over 66 of them. Each of the galleries has around 100 pictures, all of which you can also download, and in the ZIP format, too.

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This is one of the best porn sites, even though it is a very specific one, dealing with short people. Just Right Height is its name, and as it suggests, they are just the right height, so you will get to see some kinky things, hardcore sex, orgies, and much more, especially if you join, as you will then get access to many more sites, all for the price of one.

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