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Limited Audience is one of the best websites to go to if you want to get access to some amazing and exclusive BDSM photography. 50 Shades of Grey is often considered to be one of the biggest driving powers behind the popularity of the BDSM culture but it’s not true. Slavery or BDSM has been around since time immemorial and it has been practiced by many horny couples and groups around the world in one form or the other and Limited Audience is one of the most successful BDSM websites ever made. The website has been around for over 15 years and you will find tens and thousands of images and stories and hundreds of video clips.

The content get update several times each month and all of the images are carefully enhanced using software to add to the environment. Soft filters and air brushing makes the images feel a lot dreamier and it definitely adds to the experience. It’s a wonder how the producers manage to get all of the content edited out of the audience to make sure that only the highest quality of content reaches out to the audience. The models also indulge in a lot of sexual activity that is recorded through photos and picture stories are made. These erotic stories are very sensuous and they will turn you on as soon as you flip through the panels and see the hot models indulge in some hardcore action. BDSM is not for the faint of heart so do not be surprised if you do not find anything softcore. You will love how all of the hardcore action is presented to the audience in a lovely package by editing them to look surreal.

A lot of time and effort probably goes in to the development and maintenance of the website and you will love all of the photo archives, photo stories and video archives that are available on the website. You will also find an amazing section known as the LA Fakes. The LA Fakes section is what you should check out if you want to take a sneak peek at the editing skills of the producers. They edit out images from advertisements and magazines and make it look as if the models are taking part in some amazing slavery. They definitely make it all look real and despite the naming moniker you will find that the images look absolutely real! You might also find some images which have before and after shots for you to take a look at how amazing their editing skills are. You will also find quite a few modified celeb images as well.

Site Features

The video clips are in the WMV format which can either be streamed on your computer or you can download them to your computer. Just like the videos, the images are available for download as well and most of the content is amateur to add to the realism and overall the quality of all of the content is quite good. The user interface of the website has a dark theme and you will find that all of the design elements remind you of the BDSM theme which is basically the niche that the website is catering to and they’ve done a great job of keeping the theme in line with what they are trying to offer.

You will find the download options once you sign in and the streaming quality is generally great. You will find no lag when streaming the content and the experience of streaming and browsing through images is quite great thanks to the user friendly set of features.

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Site Girls

You will find a lot of amateur BDSM models on the website and while the videos are just amazing, the main attraction of the website is the photos section. The high resolution images display some amazing BDSM content to the audience and you will find a lot of variety in the content and the facial expressions are perfectly captured byt the cameraman. All of the videos and images can be downloaded to your computer and you will find no DRM restrictions and if you download any of the content it is yours to keep forever. All of the images and photo stories are exceptional and the pornstars do their best in providing you amazing content. Getting to access regular updates to all of the content is one of the biggest advantages if you are a member of the website.

There is a lot of fancy text that accompanies the images and it adds to the experience of the users. The content might be of a niche category but that does not stop it from being extremely sensual and you’ll love the women who indulge in all of the BDSM activities to turn you on.


Limited Audience might be targeted to a specific group of user but it’s something that can turn you on and all your notions about sex will be shattered if you experience the content at the website. The individually Photoshopped images to the unique photo stories that do so much more than just tell you stories – the content is simply scintillating and if you are looking for some amazing fantasy content then you should definitely hit the website.

The website has been around for quite a while and you will appreciate the kind of BDSM that the website has. The content is highly refined and the user inputs go a long way in making the website a whole lot better. The membership is absolutely worth it if you are a fan of BDSM and the content quality is just too good to pass on if you are into such a great genre.

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