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I remember a time in my early years when I would sneak into my parent’s room when they have both gone to work or are running some errands. I would carefully swipe one of my parent’s sexy magazines with those sexy centrefolds. I’d hide it under my shirt, and when I’m in the privacy of my tree house, I would lay my eyes on the bushiest of pubic hair I’ve ever seen. I would get the hardest boners when I would see women like that.

Next thing I know – poof – all gone. All the untamed bushes are now shaved, waxed, plucked or a combination thereof. I mean it’s nice to see shaven bodies, but there’s always this nostalgia of seeing some wild hair free from the clutches of a razor. Look I Am Hairy prides in one of being the leading websites to the wildest bushes in town and why wouldn’t they? The home page has convinced me enough to sign up for a membership and see how bad these furry vixens want their sexual gratification from their equally-bushy partners.

Site Features

Guests are only shown preview images of the video if you click on the video image; you are led to a login page. If you’re not a member, you may go ahead and register as one. Once logged in, you are led to a home page. On the home page, they have a simple header containing “News”, “Videos”, and “Fetish Bonus Site” tabs. Below that header is a paragraph that has important new followed by a post containing links to the newly uploaded videos.

The two main features Look I Am Hairy has to offer aside from the vast amounts of pubic hair is their weekly updates and downloadable videos consuming the least possible space possible. The updates are constantly done once a week, which is pretty dependable for a simple website. The videos uploaded are in good quality for something that is made for lower resolutions. The website is actually simple and unassuming.

Look I Am Hairy has decided that their website is not meant to be fancy and have the ability to more that it’s supposed to, which is uploading videos for your viewing pleasure. Compared to the bigger named website (featured shaved women by the way), the website is not as fancy but on a personal level, I respect what they are doing. The fact is the developers of this website have spent their time and effort in creating content for the members. They don’t pretend to look good on the website because, to be honest, the other website only pretends to be good on their website but their content is not what was promised. Look I Am Hairy is aware that they have a good enough brand to let other people that what they have doesn’t need elaborate advertising or fancy web designs.

As a bonus for registering, members get something called a “Crazy Fetish Pass”. A crazy Fetish Pass is access pass to other websites produced by Look I Am Hairy. These bonus sites have some insanely genius niche website, but if you’re a hairy muff zealot and sneer at the sight of shaved vaginas, then some of these niche websites might not be to your liking.

Site Girls

The women in these videos are wild, inhibited and unpretentious. They are sexy, horny and most importantly, confident. Many men seem to have lost sight on the importance of having hair down there. Society has this ideal image of a woman only having hair on head and hair anywhere else is considered dirty and repulsive. A muff of hair on the nether region isn’t dirty in fact; it’s what keeps women from getting infections as when cavemen were still walking on this earth. It’s not like it’s a governing rule that all women must shave, but they are all free to do whatever they want. They are not only free to be unshaven, but they are also free to do whatever they want with their body as well as choose who they want to give their body to.

Most women in the porn industry are pressured to become hairless and turn them into Barbie’s, but the truth is, having a natural woman who is confident to show her hairy muff is strong and independent. Sure, that sounded strange to hear that at this day and age, but natural women are free of constrictions and it makes them feel capable of doing anything they want. Once a woman gains a major boost in her confidence, she gets this high that makes them light-headed and horny and once you get a woman confidently horny, she’ll do whatever you want her to do.

The videos are there to prove that these women will bend over, get spanked, teased and pleasure relentlessly, all because of that mass of hair they have between their legs. Many men and women love these hirsute hotties because the smell of sex and other bodily fluids stick the hair and they find that quite tantalising. The videos do no justice to these women and they are quite exquisite, I don’t mind downloading a copy into my personal tablet as I take it with me to my bedroom for a private pleasure session.

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To recap, the benefits of becoming a member is access to their videos, the ability to download these videos as well as bonus access to other niche website produced by Look I Am Hairy – all of that, while showing you hot hairy ladies, ready to go down on you and take you around town.

I am well aware that some people are used to seeing shaved pussies and I do like them, but I was born again when Look I Am Hairy decided it would be a good idea to make a website dedicated to unshaved nether regions. So my fellow hirsute enthusiasts, if you want you to fix of beaver beauties, look no further than Look I Am Hairy and get a membership ASAFP – as soon as fucking possible!

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