Lucy Zara


Lucy Zara is a glamour model website that features the gorgeous Lucy Zara in soft porn entertainment performances. The European model shares her videos and photos with friends and admirers across the internet. You will enjoy the gorgeous cutie as she displays her goodies in nude form and sometimes in equally titillating panty-wear and accessories. She has a marked preference for black heels.

Site Features

I loved the background color of this site right from the home page to the rest of the content. I was greeted with a black décor that is sometimes blended with other shades depending on the image in display. Most of the videos and photos provided on the site are great quality shots. The latest videos are all in HD form. Although most sites seem to place greater emphasis on the videos, there are a lot more photos on the site compared to videos. They are great quality pics by skillful photographers. There are over 500 photos to sample. It is also worth mentioning that the photos are complementary to the videos. You will quickly pick out the striking relationship between the two. The content is split into two basic categories. There is the glamor section in which the model is featured in glamorous poses and antics, and the fetish section that the girl feeds a variety of fetishes in a range of poses and sexy acts. Well, this is a download-only-porn website. I guess this is not the best news for those of you with a special liking for streaming. I could access the site via my mobile phone and tablet. I didn’t see any offer for live cam or bonus but I guess since the site fully focuses on the performance by Lucy Zara, there isn’t much mystery left by the time you are through with viewing her stuff. The need for bonus sites is similarly negated.

Site Girls

The home page features the cute hottie bending over the armrest of a couch in her designer lingerie. Her generous boobs are conspicuously popping out of her torso as she stares at the camera suggestively. Her long blonde hair flows smoothly over her neck and falls on the side with grace. Yet, one aspect that ticked me a lot more than most other elements of her performance is her English accent. I felt privileged to watch and listen to the model as she speaks out her feelings in dirty diction. I wished she was closer home so I could make my move. The video performance is also greatly entertaining. The girl poses in provocative ways and shows you her pink with unreserved relish. I couldn’t stop browsing with an erect stick in my underwear. I thought it was a little laborious to switch from one section to the other though. This is a navigational issue the designers of the site might want to re-tweak. I had, either, to use the back button to switch sections or open the alternate section in a new tab. Once you get into a section such as the glamour part, you might get stuck with that until you choose to check out and click on the fetish section. On the flip side, I thought it is their way of keeping the content and the sections distinctly separate.

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