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At some point in our life, we are bugged by dilemmas about things. Like what to wear in an occasion, what food to eat and I believe one of the toughest is what porn video to watch to jerk off with. There are lots of porn sites out there but most offer just a specific niche. Good thing there are sites like the Mofos Network to help you decide. As the site features 1600 strong sex-crazed ladies, over 2600 videos and images, and most are exclusive content, it will be just a matter of time before you can choose and release that cum out of your throbbing dick.

Site Features

Their collection of videos is growing in steady pace since it’s being updated almost everyday. There’s also a sites tab where you can check out the list of porn sites under their network. Most videos are of exclusive content and the site’s easy to navigate. You can also use the search button or as I’ve mention a while ago the sites list if you’re after a specific sexual pleasure. They also have these features called Mofoslive and Videoblog for guys who prefer interactive stuff. Another notable feature is their video quality. Almost all of them are in HD already, so you won’t miss every sweat and every cum that drips.

Videos are very much downloadable in different formats. From the conventional but decent 720p, to a mind-blowing high definition of the 1080p. From what I’ve heard though, new members can only stream the videos, but the old members can still enjoy the downloading capability. That’s quite a bummer for a porn site. Just like most porn sites, when you click on a video, a set of images from that video was being showed as well. And as far as watching videos is concerned, I never experienced any lags or whatsoever so that’s pretty commendable. As I took a bit of a tour on their sites tab, this site namely She’safreak caught my attention. So I made a thorough “investigation” and was amazed with what I saw. It’s just a site where ladies happily stuffing some “stuff” inside their “happy holes”. As for their models, they’ve got a lot.

As I’ve mentioned, they’ve got 1600 (and growing) fine, plump, juicy models ready to turn you on. No porn site is perfect though. They still got some rooms for improvement to work on to have a better jerking sexperience and here’s what I’ve noticed. Their collection of videos is kinda mixed up meaning the old ones are still jumbled up with their new ones. But most guys wouldn’t mind as long as their fucking rods are satisfied. Also, upon checking out some sites, I noticed that some of them haven’t been updated for the past several years. Well, those are just simple drawbacks that I’m sure they’ll be working on in the future.

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Site Girls

Here’s the part where I talk about the girls and their sexcapades with huge cocks. Let’s kick things off with a video from Emily Grey. She’s one hot pretty faced girl with a slim body, fine complexion, with just the right size of titties. She’s seen on the video in some sort of private pool tempting the guy recording the video. She was then asked to go to a cottage and do some sexy yoga poses. I must say, her ass is still tight and round and that already is a turn on for me. She then took a dip in a Jacuzzi or pool, I really can’t tell but what the heck. Took off her skimpy shorts and gave the lucky dude a nice cock sucking. They continued their hot act in a cottage and started fucking. It’s amazing to see that Emily’s fuck hole is still tight. You can check the video for yourself to have a clearer picture of what I’m talking about. They did several positions like the cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and the doggy style. You should see the reaction of her face with every pounding that she gets from the dude. It’s as if she’s smiling and about to cry at the same time.

There’s another video that I’ve watched from this bad ass bitch named Penelope Stone. A tanned skinned girl with matching tattoos and pierced nipples. Her eyes got this happy and adventurous glow mention her perfect pearly whites. She’s walking along the streets of I don’t know what city she’s on and surprisingly, lifted her skirt. She then removed her thong without having a damn if someone’s around. She continued being naughty in a hallway, pulled out a vibrator from her bag, did a squat and stuffed it all the way into her shaven cock socket.

Next scene is inside of a condo unit complete with a perfect view of the city’s skyline…and her pussy. A few strokes and boob flashing, she was handed with a large dildo and began rubbing it on her damp pussy. When she felt it’s already wet enough, she rammed it straight through. Faster and faster she went and when it felt it’s enough, she sucked on her vibrator until she’s dripping wet.

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With a site like this that caters most of men’s sexual fantasies, it will surely rake in sex hungry dudes to subscribe to them. Models are all beautiful and got bodacious body lumps that most men dream of. And any dude will surely spend longer time touring this site with tons of HD videos on their database. There are still some things to work on though with site like putting on some advanced search features and removing the “no download” for new members. All in all this site is recommended for dudes with different sexual niches. Good job Mofos people!

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