Mountain Fuck Fest


What usually makes a good travel experience? Is it the location? The food? The booze? The sight? How about the locals? Well, it would not matter much just as long as you have a good time, am I right? With that case in mind, I am pretty sure that if I mention about having your vacation in an isolated mountain, you will be bolting right out the door this very instant – because who needs a lame and boring break like that? Pretty sure most of you would hop on to the next plane, head down to Europe, and score your hot European chick.

Which brings me back to my “mountain” talk; who would have thought that an amazing mountain exists in this world (at least, as what the internet has fed our eyes), that not only boasts of serene sightings and views but of great sexual mishaps and adventures, as well? Mountain Fuck Fest delivers just that. It is a porn site brought to you by Extreme Movie Cash and was launched in mid-July 2012. These ladies serve not only cold beers on a sunny day or warm tea during a cold one, they also whip out great blow jobs and hand jobs. They like to parade around their jugs exposed or even naked, to go so far. After they do their meal and drink serving, they serve themselves up, individually, but most of the time, as a group, thus the hot and steamy orgies.

These hot chicks cannot wait to give out their ideal blowjobs, they cannot wait for the long awaited orgies or the arousing fucking that happen not only indoors, but outdoors, as well. So what are you waiting for? Ditch that boring vacation plan you have and explore Mountain Fuck Fest to its fullest.

Site Features

If you have heard of Extreme Movie Cash and have seen most of their equally famous porn sites, you will realise that they basically have the same patterns for layouts and interfaces. It is mostly user-friendly and very easy to navigate. You have links on top of their website where you can access the home page itself, the member’s area, the network, the other bonus sites, their movie index, and a pagination. Right below these links, you will be seeing a row of thumbnails, you cannot click on them but they do represent the latest uploads and updates the site has come up with.

Scrolling further below, you will come face to face with a short description of what the porn site is all about and just a little below that are around three featured groups with video caps with them. These three are part of the most viewed videos and they capture the site essentially, so you will have the finest idea of what Mountain Fuck Fest really is. Contrary to popular belief, these featured videos do have a short description. What it lacks is the ‘oh so needed’ genre tag and the model tag. It does not have a model index either, so you will not have ample information on your favourite models. Though their names are mentioned a few times, it is not a complete guarantee. Another feature that is absent from this site is the advanced search bar, which would have been good since they have quite the content already. They used to update a little slow before but now they have fastened their pace a little bit and have settled for a video per week.

Photo sets are present but they rarely get any updates. There are around 45 photo galleries which house an average of 90 photos each. You cannot download them in zip files, though. The presence of photo galleries is good though considering that the other sites managed by Extreme Movie Cash do not support such. The website’s layout is relaxing and the navigation is not at all confusing. Links are to be easily found and they have live feeds present. Mountain Fuck Fest is also part of the “Hot Bunny Pass” network so you will have access to other porn sites that cater to different niches – for free. Of course, if you want to access every single thing, you will have to be a member. You can pay using Discover, JCB, Master Card, Paypal, and VISA.

Site Girls

There are about 100 videos right now in Mountain Fuck Fest so having a lot of girls will not be a surprise. There are so many girls in different varieties but most of them are usually European. With their thick accents, you will cum to their purring. You will encounter a lot of scenes with day and night beer chugs, wild orgies, and chicks who just cannot wait for dicks to enter their tight pussies.

These 100+ videos are of decent quality and can both be streamed or downloaded. Streaming will require an updated Flash player, with which you can view scenes in a resolution of 640 x 480. These movies can be resized to your preference and the formats are for the latest added scenes. Older ones tend to be more low quality but still watchable. Downloading these videos will only give you one format option. That’s in a 640 x 480 MP4 file. There is no download limit, and so you can enjoy saving these scenes in your devices for future use. Do not miss out on this treasure trove. The ladies are gorgeous and they crave for nothing but wild sexual adventures.

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Mountain Fuck Fest is a porn site with a decent amount of scenes in even more decent quality. Not your usual high definition take but still alright for the purpose of watching. The content is exclusive and they now update once or twice a week – which is an upgrade, considering that they barely did so in the past.

There are a ton of bonus sites included which tackle different niches, but hardcore in the same notion. So if you do not mind a unique take on porn, go right ahead and register. I’m very sure you will be enjoying it.

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