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The website Mythic Women is primarily a cosplay/soft core porn site and here you will find hot and sexy models dressed in eccentric attires and supporting weapons such as swords, spears as well as armours just like in the old medieval periods. These outfits have been created to help you explore deep into your erotic fantasy world and get the most amount of pleasure. Sexy outfits such as chainmail bikinis and combating armour to sexy chicks with round asses, curvy figures as well as big breasts, you will get everything. The videos play without any hesitation owing to the good streaming speed and with the different formats at which you can watch the videos such as MP4, WMV as well as many more; you will find no problems in your account tenure. There are about 12 videos and about 115+ videos and they are accessible both online as well as offline. The site was incepted in the year 2012 and in its span of four years, it has managed to make quite a name for itself, especially for those who fantasies or have a liking for the likes of Xenia or Red Sonja. The content is also very unique and is unlike anything which you have come across. Let us check out some of the other important aspects of the site namely the design, navigation as well as the presentation of the site. So follow closely.

Site Features

The site design and presentation has some really high points. The user interface is impressive and even if you are not so much good in working with the internet, you will be able to move from one page to another. The background is catchy with its aqua green shade and there is also a brief synopsis about the site to let you know what you are going to expect here. The menu options are clearly visible and just below them are the thumbnail presentations. They are in great picture quality and can be checked out with a click of a button. To access the videos, you need to click on the ‘learn more’ link. The streaming speed is impressive and makes the previews run smoothly without much buffering. The membership procedures are simple and all you have to do is enter the join now portion and enter the details which are asked by the site. The details are mainly your name, your email, the zonal code and country which you live in and also a username and a watch word to enter into your account. The subscriptions can be chosen from below and as the steps are complete, you can send out the request. A positive confirmation will grant you liberty to access as many stuff which you want to and with the quality of videos in superb HD quality, you will definitively love every second of the action. Your details are protected properly due to the smart security system of the site and if you have any issues with your payment as well as your account, the customer help desk will come to your aid always. The website id not involved in any such malware activities and does not share your details to third party members. It is also RTA certified. You will also not be disturbed by pop-up ads or floating banners which defy your views. The updates are done two times in one month which is also decent but one big disappointment is that is does not responsive to mobile versions.

Site Girls

There are plenty of reasons why the site is so popular but if one had to pick one reason then the real reason would be its girls and its videos. Yes folks, these are the two reasons why the site has managed to attain the kind of scalability in the market. They have models of stunning appearance and their figures are simply ineffable. Their figures are a bit different, some have more curves which some of more beautiful in their bust region, some are more horny than the others and have more of that fiery instinct while some have tight and round bumps. Some of them also have body splatters or tattoos on their body parts or even in an around the pussy region. They also differ in their looks as well as their skin tone but irrespective of their looks, you will find one thing in common and that is-wanting to put on a show for their viewers. They are amazing actors and will perform in a manner that will give some of the best porn chicks in the realm a run for their money. There are some women who will be seen throwing spears at their targets and also some buxom barbarian chicks moving across some unknown lands of some unknown country.Y ou will also get the pleasure of watching a captive princess all naked and chained. The only piece of attire which hides her indescribable body is a loin cloth or some aluminium plates. There are also some proud women who you will come across guarding the archway with a razor or some sexy diva supporting some weapons as well as armour. The videos are also superb in their video as well as audio quality and they prove to be sexy viewing spectacles. They also a good amount of time as all the clips are long and sufficable. They have been shot with state of the art cameras and are at about on an average of 1280x720p HD. These videos can be downloaded in a host of formats such as WMV, AVI and also MP4 formats. Other than that they can also be streamed online with the help of a flash media player. The pictures are just as splendid as the movies and even birth marks as well as tattoos are clearly visible. They are also downloaded as zip files or watched as slide shows online. The site is great in its updates and assures you arousing content on your every single log in venture.

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