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If you do not know what bisexual means, then you have been probably living under a rock all these years or you might just need to sharpen you porn vocabulary (or your vocabulary in general). Bisexual is what you label people who are attracted to both sexes, male and female. It is not only physical attraction that takes place but they are sexually responsive to both sexes, as well.

The site essentially breathes life to hardcore threesomes with one female and two males, or maybe a female who fucks the male, or the usual male fucking a female, females on females, and even males fucking males – the mishmash of combinations are endless, whatever you can think of. But threesomes are not the only hot thing that is happening in this porn site, in Naughty Bi, you also get your share of intense and orgasmic orgies. You also get to see a man and a woman share one big piece of cock while they take turns licking and sucking. You will be seeing guys being fingered in the ass.

This site is quite unprecedented and unparalleled, and the first of its kind that I have watched. In Naughty Bi, you will get more than you have asked. These horny Latinos and Latinas are bound and determined to make the most out of bringing pleasure to each other (or to their viewers). These energetic chicks and studs bring a whole new meaning to wild orgies and more. Get those tissues ready guys, as we explore Naughty Bi and its amazing features and content.

Site Features

Naughty Bi has porn site written all over it, not because of the sexually attractive video caps plastered all over the homepage, but because of its vastly generic features and interface. Its design is simple looking and self-explanatory. You will notice how its colour schemes focus more on the neutral shades of black and grey, while their fonts are emblazoned in neon orange, pink, and green. Sure, neon colours are cheap thrill signs for a porn site but it does not work that way in Naughty Bi.

The site comes off as pretty neutral and minimalistic. Once you are inside, you will be greeted by numerous video caps lined up in groups to represent their featured videos. These groups are equipped with short descriptions of the corresponding video. In addition, when you head on over to the movie’s section, you will be seeing tons of thumbnails which will give you ample view on who stars in it and what it focuses on, which is, in my opinion, very nice and having that feature makes it easier for the members to pick out a certain scene. Unfortunately, unlike the ones on the homepage, these thumbnails do not get the descriptions they were supposed to have (you know, in case we want a word by wordplay). The contents are dated though and they get stamped on how long they are supposed to last.

Another con I would like to mention is that there are literally no photo sets to be browsed through in Naughty Bi, so you will have to make do with videos, which is not really that bad when you think about it. You can rate the videos they have and save all your favourite ones in their own section. Also, you can arrange or sort out these videos by date, popularity, and tags. Sadly, there is no advanced search bar to be found anywhere. For most of the porn sites under EMC, a constant absence of model biographies and information is unsurprisingly rampant and Naughty Bi is no exception to that – there are no shoots or model information to be found, which can be quite vexing if you are the type of person who would go as far as searching and finding more about your favorite sex puppet.

What you do get with your membership though are tons of bonus sites that bounce off on different schemes, niches, and endeavours. The EMC network has a lot of these “extra sites” to offer and they tag along for free when you go for that Naughty Bi membership.

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Site Boys

For the time being, there are around 100 movies that are accessible in Naughty Bi. Most of these are not in high definition but are of sufficient and tolerable quality. Average length these scenes last for are 20 to 25 minutes tops, but they do offer full-length movies, not that much, though. The scenes seem to be taken out of the full-length films and presented in cuts anyway, so you are not really missing out on anything major. Being around since 2010 only, there are limited video options and you are only presented with one download format and quality in the meantime.

You may stream or download these scenes or movies. Streaming the movies will depend on upon your up to date embedded Flash player in your browser. If not, then you simply have to click on that video you can’t play and then it will prompt you for an update. Follow the steps after that and then you are good to go. Once that’s done, you will be able to watch these hot and steamy scenes in 640 x 480p. Downloading will, as I said, only be giving you one format to save your file on. That’s in MP4 but you do get to choose between an 852 x 480p resolution or a 640 x 480p resolution.

Either way, you will still get a full dose of these sexy ladies and these hot studs who engage in a lot of naughty sexual activities, like threesomes and foursomes. You will be seeing a whole lot of fucking and it does not just focus on the usual. Everything in here is unique and the sex scenes are just pure pleasure.

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I have not encountered any site that I can compare to Naughty Bi so that’s a good thing. Despite the little negatives, it gets overpowered by their positives. Sure, there is a lack of HD videos but they still provide their member’s with decent ones and their updates are holding up the site, with its weekly happenings. They provide a bunch of extra sites to make up for what they lack and I think that’s entirely a good thing.

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