Panties are always hot when they are worn by cute fresh chicks. The guys in the videos of this site are thinking exactly the same, and as you can see, they get turned on so badly for it, that instead of fucking what’s hidden by those panties, they literally fuck those pieces of lingerie. If you have a crush on panties or you like to watch guys with red cocks, you will surely appreciate the videos of the site. The Panty-Job started a few years ago, in 2011 to be precise, and it has been updating since then, so today you can find a rather large collection inside. The scenes are all exclusive, and apart from joining the site or any other of this network, you can’t see them anywhere else. When it comes to bonuses, the Panty-Job has a lot to show you. It’s not a standalone site and if you join, you gain access to the other pages of the same network. These bonus sites become available after you spent more than three consecutive days as a member of the Panty-Job. On the fourth day, you can start exploring the bonuses. There are some other fetish-focused pages included, like those that feature BBWs, matures, mature BBWs and even trannies. There are regular updates on the network sites, so you will always find yourself something new to enjoy. 15 sites will be yours for the price of one membership.

Site Features

The tour will let you peek into the scenes on the site, though you won’t be able to do more than browsing the thumbnails. The teaser pictures are large and sharp, and you may not believe it, but they represent the actual quality of the videos. In the members’ zone you will find a page, which may look a bit weird – at least compared to the modern all-Flash pages. Next to the logo of the site, you can see the main menu on the top. It features links to the Updates, account settings, a personals site and to the bonuses. Below this, they placed another menu, which features the actual content: there are Photos, Downloadable HD Movies and Flash Movies. Each section is cut into two main categories: Softcore and Hardcore. These are the only sorting options you get on the site, and this layout is available on the other sites too. When a site claims that it offers HD videos, we usually approach it carefully, because this way, you won’t be too disappointed. Fortunately, the Panty-Job isn’t just claiming that it offers HD, it actually provides it. There are mostly WMV files to download, and apart from the normal 720p resolution, some even offer Full-HD videos to save. The Flash-stream isn’t HD, but due to the high quality resource file, it’s still a very good choice if you don’t want to download. More than 160 picture galleries are featured, and this is when the fetish comes out from men, because some of these are standalone photo galleries with girls doing some posing, then their panties get fucked and covered with cum. You can enjoy a slideshow, or save the sets in zip format.

Site Girls

Thanks to the folks who shot these videos, we still get enough to look at, because full shots, juicy close-ups are featured, so you get to see what you want. Every model here is natural, and that makes the site exceptionally fantastic. Though some guys are crazy about big fake breasts, there are many of us, who prefer the natural beauty of women. Since the girls are pretty fresh, they have tight body, and everything they have on it is nicely shaped and good to look at… and it would be amazing to touch it. Most models here have perky tits, and the larger ones could be considered as medium-sized breast. The main thing here is the panties and the pussies. And what sweet pussies they are! You don’t get to see them too much, but what is shown is enough: nicely shaped, cutely shaved pussies are those. These sweet pink things down there make us wonder: why fuck the panty when there is a nice pussy to kiss? Well, it’s a kind of fetish, and there are lots of guys who get horny for panties. There is one problem: the site doesn’t provide information on the panties! How should we know what to buy our girlfriend/wife/friend-with-benefits if we don’t know where to get those sexy panties? It’s quite interesting that there were guys who participate in this kind of porn. Surely, cute girls are one thing to fuck, but having sex with them without actual penetration just looks a bit weird. However, the videos here are still exciting. There are two types of men we recommend these scenes: those who enjoy panty-jobs as they are, and to those who have thing for red cocks. Since there is no actual penetration, the videos are too hard, however the kinky nature of the makes the site a heavy one, especially because rubbing cocks to panties is not always a nice experience, especially when they don’t use any type of lubrication. In many cases the guys get into the panties, so they can feel the girls’ skin and the nice fabric at the same time. Every video ends with a money shot. You can watch as the totally red cocks spray man-milk all over those panties.

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All videos of the site are hot, and it’s a kind of ultimate teasing. If you thought that ‘dry’ sex can’t be arousing, just wait until you start playing some of the best rated videos here. The guys are doing really fine, and though their cock usually turns red as the Devil’s buttocks, they still capable of loading off their stuff on those cute bellies and the panties. With the included hardcore sites, the Panty-Job will keep you busy between updates, and the price is really reasonable.

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