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Let’s take a break from the mainstream fucking and sucking every time we talk about porn movies. This time we give some fair treats to those who love to watch beautiful ladies pee. And no, this does not mean having to see girls peeing on the restroom. Although there are some videos that took place on toilets, but there are more videos where you can see girls peeing in public places and places where you’re not supposed to empty your bladder.

Pure Pee is a porn site that belongs to the fetish and watersports category. Although it has a few hardcore sex scenes, it primarily belongs to the pissing niche. This site has been making pissing videos since December 2014 and has been part of the growing Extreme Movie Pass network. Based on their contents, Pure Pee is not your ordinary porn site. Despite being a neophyte in this business, you can clearly see that these girls really don’t mind getting famous while they pee and the cameras pointing closer at their pussies. They also update their contents frequently. Before they only update their contents once a week but as time progresses, they already upload new contents one to two times a week. Inclusive of the membership of the site is the multitude of bonus fetish sites. These sites are also part of the Extreme Movie Pass network. 

Site Features

The site’s design is just simple. Its simplicity gives a well-pressed and clean impression. It goes by the golden theme. I think this is because this is how they picture out a golden yellow pee coming out from these gorgeous ladies that they feature. There is also an introduction to the site to help you manage your expectations. In the homepage, you can also see the latest updates which are filtered as amateur, outdoor and pee. This way, you’ll be able to search for a specific type of scene faster and easier. There is also another way where you could navigate through the contents of the site. This is the advanced search tool. You can also go through specific pages of the site through the pagination.

Moving on to its contents, Pure Pee is purely a movie site. This means that they don’t have pictures in their contents. In the video gallery of the site, you can sort the videos according to popularity, recency and name. There are also settings for streaming and downloading, video tags and its ratings. The movies, however, are not that excellent when it comes to the quality. But you can still enjoy it because the quality is not that bad also. It can be streamed up to 480p using Flash player. It can be downloaded with no limitations for up to 720p as MP4 and WMV files. There are also a few recently uploaded videos that come in high definition. The approximate length of each video is 20 minutes long.

Unlike some porn sites, Pure Pee does not have a model’s index. This could be because their models are just amateur and semi-professional so they’re really not that famous. For the bonus content of the site, there are over 80 sites that you can choose from such as Nylon Worlds, I Like Handjobs, Rio Bang, Slippery Massage, Scandi Porn, Wild Group Sex and a lot more. These sites belong to the ExtremeMoviePass network. With these sites, there are already over a thousand bonus galleries that you can enjoy with.

Site Girls

These girls featured in the videos of this site have European beauties. All of them are not as famous as Maria Ozawa or those porn stars that already had their names on the Hall of Fame. The girl’s faces cannot be seen in some videos so it is hard to tell how they look. But they definitely have sexy backs and perky boobs. Some of these girls have hairy pussies while some have shaved ones. Some of these girls wear lace underwears while some prefer it naked. These girls also have acquired a special skill when urinating that some men might feel ashamed of.

What I’m trying to say is that there are girls that can create an arch with their pee! The videos focus on pissing. Well, of course, this is what the site is all about. If you are looking for hardcore and lesbian sex, you cannot easily find these scenes in any of the videos. Although there are some scenes where a girl is being stimulated by three men by a dildo. Then, the girl cums in pleasure and also pees on herself. You cannot also find videos of the famous “Golden Shower”. Although this is one of the most in demand scenes in the pissing niche, Pure Pee does not have that in store yet. Despite that, there are still a lot of variations that you can choose from. There are girls peeing in toilet floors, in buckets, in roadways, in shower stalls and even on the couches. There are a lot of solo videos and masturbation videos.

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I can say that the site is already doing a good job. It already incorporates very helpful features in their site even though it still has a limited pool of videos. One example is the advanced search tool where as of this time is not very useful because the number of videos is still manageable. The video updates are also impressive. It’s good to know that the site already updates once or twice a week. With this frequency, the site’s collection will definitely grow in no time.

Aside from the strengths of the site, it also has some weak spots like the unavailability of “Golden Shower” scenes. But I believe that the site will make up for these weaknesses and improve its contents in the future. With all these, I think Pure Pee is worth a shot.

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