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Porn is no more limited to watching it on a computer screen. Times have changed and you can now become an integral part of the porn, thanks to Virtual Reality. What is virtual reality? It is a technology that simulates a specific environment and allows you to experience it completely. For e.g. virtual reality is extensively used in training, especially aircraft and locomotive training, to train flight and loco pilots. This concept was used by the gaming industry to create immersive games and today, porn has caught this fancy. With the help of appropriate VR gears, also known as goggles, you can get a very realistic view of the porn videos. In fact, you feel you are an active participant in the porn and this heightens your porn viewing experience.

The most popular googles in use are Google Cardboard, Samsung GearVR and Oculus Rift. If you do not have any of these, your smartphone can come in very handy. Your next logical question would be, are there any sites that offer VR porn, that too at an affordable price? The answer to your question is Yes. There is, and it is called RealityLovers. True to its name, the site features the most amazing virtual reality porn that you can ever see. To help you get a feel of RealityLovers, we have taken the trouble of checking this site out and writing an unbiased review. You are surely going to love reading it and later subscribe to it too.

Site Features

RealityLovers exudes a sense of professionalism and confidence in its website design. Simple, attractive, elegant and sophisticated, the site informs what it is all about, and the selection of the videos, the links, placing them correctly and the background images are all spot-on. Trust me, however hard I tried to find out flaws, I couldn’t find any. Such is the eye-for-detail of the creators that they have left nothing to chance. When you visit the site, you will fall in love with it.

The watermarked image at the top of the site, two beautiful, sexy and naked lesbian chicks, one on top of the other, in a provocative hug, gives your dick a kick. With their tongues also in a tight embrace, you wished you were embracing one of the sluts and licking her tongue. The usual links such as Home, Join, Login, Blog and Help at the top right of the site and RealityLovers logo on the left, the tab section is complete. This site is unique in the sense that it has put up a help section for novice users of VR to learn how to use porn.

Additionally, the Blog section as a separate tutorial in English and German on how to use Android smartphones for viewing these videos. Since we are in the blog section, let me point out what you will get here. In addition to contributing to the success of the site with your reviews and comments, you will also read the latest developments about this site, news clippings and articles in which RealityLovers is extensively featured. To help you keep up-to-date about this site, you can sign up for a newsletter too.

Colour scheme is simple, with pleasing colours such as red, grey and white. Black is used at the bottom of the site, specifically in the footer part. Videos are loaded on the alternating grey and red backgrounds, with white forming a beautiful U-shaped strip all around this pattern. 67 videos, placed in groups of 5 gives you a little of a dozen pages. Each video has a theme, and many as per the time of the year, like New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and others. Each video loads on the flash player on the browser window. On signing up, you can also download the videos to your system, and view it through your VR gear. You will find a sexy title, a brief description, the featured porn star, the duration and date of release mentioned. There are also 10 thumbnails of the video for your enjoyment. Watch the trailers for your satisfaction with the VR gear. You will surely like it and do not forget to make out the 3D effects. This will blow your mind away and leave you asking for more.

Site Girls

Here comes your most favourite part of the review, all the sluts, and videos that this site presents to you. To know more about the bitches, visit the Girls link in the Blog Section. You will find famous names such as Ria Sunn, Alexis Cristal, Katy Rose, Antonia Sainz, Lucy Shine, Carly Rae, and many others. The photographs in the girls’ section are a feast for your eyes. You would want to keep scrolling and watching those naked sluts, showing off all their assets and womanhood without any hesitation. There are Latina chicks, ebony sluts and Americans and European bitches to make you cum hard. I must compliment RealityLovers for their choice of sluts, for all of them have the right attitude to be a great porn star.

Of course, their bodies play a critical role. Each slut had amazing breasts, nipples stood taut, like peaks of a mountain, pussies were shaved or trimmed neatly, asses were perfectly round and sculpted and eyes brimmed with lust. Of the 67 videos that have been uploaded here, you will find a variety of themes, including orgies. The more popular ones are solo performances, female POV, lesbian, voyeur, couple sex, and threesomes, apart from maledom and femdom. Orgy in a VR porn sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Yes, if you have missed out on your New Year fun, this site presents to you is New Year’s Afterparty. Ringing in the new year with a festive atmosphere, you have invited a group of friends to your home for an afterparty. The hotties you have invited are Loren, Rebecca, and Cecilia. These sluts are horny, especially after sipping a hard drink. Fully aware of this fact, you offer them a drink and they are desperate for a round of hard sex. What follows is an orgy that you will never forget. Three sluts, and two guys, you and your friend, in your bedroom and you know what can happen? An intense and crazy orgy, with the sluts sucking both dicks, getting their cunts fucked by each cock, and sharing two guys’ warm cum among the three of them. You end up lying down naked with all the chicks, feeling their nudity on your body. When you watch the video the 3D effect is so real that the entire orgy happens in front of you. You will have the urge to participate in more such orgies in future.

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At an affordable price, RealityLovers is your dream come true. With all porn happening in front of you, you cannot contain your happiness. You have three options to choose from, monthly or quarterly or annual subscription plans. The annual subscription plan gives you a discounted price so that you can get significant savings. Two updates per week, online help desk and 1080p full HD quality video, you have nothing to complain. So, sit back and enjoy the new experience of watching porn on your VR device. Without wasting any more time, subscribe now!

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