Well, we are all aware and familiar with the fact that girls are the ultimate staple to any guy’s (or girl’s) fantasy – may it be sexual or non-sexual . Us guys have always stuck to the notion that girls are heaven sent and that it does not matter what shape or size they come in, so long as they remain as they are. Now, despite the bevy of girls that may seem to differ from one another, I am pretty sure we all have our very own preferences as men. Now, don’t you go telling me that you do not, because that is just beyond impossible. Sure, you like girls in general, but I am certain that if you had the chance to choose, you will always end up picking that one girl that you find yourself attracted to the most.

Moving on, if you are the type of guy that finds himself delighted with angelic, fresh-faced girls, then I am pretty sure you will enjoy your time ExtremeMovieCash’s RealTeenDolls. It focuses mainly on boppers, amateur sex, and hardcore sex. They have been around since April of 2010 and they have quite the number of things that we all will be deeply interested in (as a porn enthusiast, that is). This porn site will feature tons and tons of angels that engage in unprotected, hardcore sex.

Now, it may seem like the usual porn site that introduces the same type of girls but it is far from being ultimately dull and redundant. There are different type of girls in the same genre, so you do not find yourself stuck to the same face the entire time you are here. The site itself is broad, vast, and very versatile. You should get ready to explore the most of it because I am almost very certain you won’t regret any of it. Once you get the sweet taste of everything in RealTeenDolls – from their head, down to their toes – you will be coming back for more. Trust me.

Site Features

RealTeenDolls has the usual quality of a generic website, quite dull if I must say so – and because it seems that way, you would expect the entirety of the site to be as simple as it looks. And that’s about right. It is as simple as it looks! The links are fond in quite the obvious places, like the usual location most sites from ExtremeMovieCash have. Also, the design is rather plain, with a black background encasing the entire website. The fonts present lean more to being cute, stylish, and girly, with white and being the dominant colours for the fonts on the website. The fonts are rather easy to read and they do not produce major headaches for those of you who feel like fonts are supposed to be very easy to read and not undecipherable.

Like I mentioned beforehand, RealTeenDolls have a very simple feel to it – the navigation is really user-friendly and I have not found myself lost the whole time I was touring and exploring the site. On the upper left side, you will see the site title and on the opposite side you will be looking at links like “Bookmark Us”, which will evidently save the site in your browser once clicked. From there, you will find the “Members” link which will take you to the login page. For those of you who have not signed up yet, you will find the button to that link right next to the support button. It’s basically on the same row so you won’t have to search hard for it. The support page can help you troubleshoot any possible problems that arise with your time in here. Also, billing support is included, as well as ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page.

Moving on, right below the title and the member’s links, you will almost instantly find a different tab with different set of links that include ‘Home’ button, it will take you back to the main page, where you first started. The ‘Photos’ button, a place where you will find all the available photo sets. The ‘Videos’ button, where it will lead you right where the movies are. The ‘Models’ button for the model elusive model index. The ‘Extras’ button, for the bonus sites the site has. An ‘Updates’ button is also present, where you will be able to access all the recent updates the site offers.

From there, you will notice how easy it is to find your way around. Unfortunately, you cannot save favourites and the content does not seem that exclusive. You can add comments and rate videos though and unlike most other porn sites from the same network, this one has actual working photo sets. There are also tons of bonus sites that come along with RealTeenDolls.

Site Girls

RealTeenDolls stay true to its name because they have quite the number of girls that are cute as a button and have practically doll-like features. There are around 90 of these girls and most of them are slim and toned, with curvy ones to add up to. These cute ladies are most of the time blonde or brunettes. Also, despite the seriously innocent and “virgin” facades, these ladies are actual sluts and honestly just really horny. They just cannot wait for some sexy and hardcore action. These lovely females love a little fingering, a dash of fisting, a whole load of anal fucking, some kinky lesbian play, some masturbating, a bit of toy playing, threesomes, and a whole lot more.

There is a total of 90+ scenes in the site and majority of them are in great and decent quality. Pixel resolution supported is 640 x 480 and each scene can be downloaded or streamed. There are 75+ photo galleries at the moment and they contain 130 photos each.

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If you are the type of person that gets strongly turned on by the “virgin” type, then you will love this site. Sure, it needs improvement and growth but it honestly delivers. The video quality is decent and updates happen weekly.

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