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If the Indiana Jones had jungle fever and was in search of a different kind of pirate booty, then Safari Sex is the place for you. But you won’t find any old rugged treasure hunter with a stubble, wearing an outdated pair of khaki pants and being chased by temple guardians. The treasure hunters on this show are barely dressed, wear sunglasses and the closes thing they got to a shotgun is the cock in their pants (but they do keep the whip!) Instead of tracking lions and tigers, they are on the prowl for naughty Nubians and amorous Africans dressed in something other than their cultural clothing.

I can feel you are anxious but the way on how they operate at Safari Sex headquarters is my personal assurance that they must be doing something right! They are barely just a year old and they have already established a loyal and steady growing fan base over the last few months. If this arouses your interest, then there is no need for you to grab your passport, sunscreen and book a plane ticket to get your wild safari adventure. All you need to do is log in Safari Sex, bring out the lotion, get comfortable and let the video blow you away.

Site Features

The design and layout of the website are pretty standard and thankfully doesn’t have those precarious social media sharing buttons one might accidentally press! There are video titles on every screen cap they post as well as a link to their website, but once you press play, you are asked to log in. At this stage, you might be wondering, “OK, that’s great, but why would I sign up? What do I get in return?” The one thing that Safari Sex has to offer, which is better than the other websites out there, is the fact that they deliver on their promise.

Let’s put this into a big picture perspective. As of writing this, it’s been three whole months since they have premiered and there are currently 56 uploaded videos. If we do the math, that’s at least three and a half videos in the last three months! In terms of the porn industry, this is unusual in a good way! Compared to other porn websites, most of them barely make their promise of once a week uploads but Safari Sex has promised fresh content weekly and hasn’t failed on that promise. In fact, they’re making good on their promise which is rare to find these days. The Safari Sex website just launched late June 2016 and it has already gotten major traction.

Unexpectedly, it even has gotten the attention of people who are not really into ebony or interracial porn, which in the porn industry is a delightful surprise. Registered members are not only allowed to view the videos, but they can download them as well, and they’re getting more than a measly one video per week deal.

Site Girls

There are various video categories available at Safari Sex, but the most popular ones are interracial sex and BDSM. Interracial sex is having sexual intercourse with people of different races, such as these dark or mocha-skinned women with white-skinned men. BDSM is a sexual lifestyle (think of Fifty Shade of Grey) where two consenting adults do light discomforting exercises to themselves to heighten their pleasure levels through body discomfort. It sounds really uncomfortable and seems like something not a lot of people are into. But judged on how the girls react and how they respond to the “treatments”, they definitely feel more pleasure than soreness.

Yes, folks, these ebony-skinned ladies love their spanking and you can see it in their videos. The fact that these ladies are dressed in sexy lingerie rather than their traditional clothing and having sex in the grasslands adds a little quirk, if not interest, in their video quality and content. You can, of course, expect more than light BDSM in these videos, there’s even foursomes, gangbangs, and some lesbian action that’s surreal beyond belief. You can see in the screen cap that these women are horny enough to just do it anywhere, even on a grassy field. They just lay a towel or prop up a chair and get right into business. They don’t even mind if their partner is a woman herself, they would just get down and make them quiver in unadulterated pleasure. The men feasting upon this show cannot help but throw themselves into their arms and act like the Bonobo monkeys.

There is also a diverse mix of male actors in these videos, most of them are locals or Germans, and there is barely a word of English in these videos, much fewer subtitles, but do we really need English to understand body language? You definitely don’t need a translator to tell you a woman moaning in exquisite pleasure is having an orgasm.

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To recap, if you become a registered member you not only get to see the videos, but you also get a chance to download them. If downloading directly to your computer is risky for you, then you can download it on any mobile device, as long as you can access the page. You have 56 videos to download and if you run out, you don’t have to wait long because, basing on their upload rate, they post new content nearly 4 times a week.

The payment method is incredibly discreet as well as inconspicuous and the membership prices are amazingly competitive. There really is no place but up for you and in a way, signing up for membership with Safari Sex is a deal, and why are you still reading this? If you are waiting for some sort of divine sign from the heavens, then let it be this: Sign up now or you’ll regret it later!

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