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Do you ever wonder where those amateur videos of girlfriends and ex-girlfriends wind up in? Wonder no more because I’ve got the perfect answer for you: See My GF. Just like the site title implies, here, you will be able to view thousands of scenes and photos of girlfriends and ex-girlfriends being rammed or played with. The hardcore way, even. The tour itself tells its future and current members that it has the largest archive of amateur porn ever. They are not joking, at all. See My GF has long been launched. June 2007, to be exact.

Because of that jump start, it comes as no surprise that their video and photo counts are off the charts. Of course, the contents are also uploaded by some of the members themselves. Rather, these are actual girls in actual situations. Some of these girls may have known that they are being filmed but are oblivious to its upload. Some have known and have given their consent. Some may have known and have uploaded it themselves. Unfortunately for some, ex-boyfriends are not as forgiving as they think they will be. So let’s take out the fake tits, the cringe-worthy acting, the weird scenarios, and focus on what is happening when girls are being fucked for real and not for a sleazy porn video.

The site has boasted that there are 85,000 “real girlfriends” having sex during their tour but I think that just serves as an exaggeration. Nevertheless, the site is huge and the videos just keep on coming. Who could blame these “uploaders” though? I mean, a hot girlfriend and a cheap camera? I would want to start filming too.

Site Features

See My GF is a site with over 3500 videos to share and 7000 photo galleries to boast about. Sure enough, it has one of the biggest archives found in a porn site. Although the activities to be found in this porn site are focused on amateur sex, you can expect a lot of good stuff around here. Like any other porn site though, membership is required. If you are not sure of your choice, a trial membership of 2 days can be availed for a cheap price. As a trial member though, you will only allowed to view the latest update but only once. Other than that, you’ll have to upgrade to a premium membership.

The videos available are not really in high definition but I was already expecting that, considering “real” amateurs are being featured and there are tons of videos to be catered to by the site. The videos can be streamed in browser and using a Flash player. Unfortunately, it is only at 852 x 480 in resolution, but still pretty decent. Downloads can be saved in your computers via MP4 format and at 640 x 480 resolution. Photo galleries have a lot of content too and you can download them in zip files or merely just watch them online via slideshows.

Content is not exclusive but there is no download limit for any the features found in See My GF. The updates seem to be happening at a daily basis and you can save your favorites, making it easy for the members to find videos they want to watch over and over again. No bonus sites are available so that’s unfortunate. Nothing to worry about though, so much stuff is already present.

Site Girls

See My GF is a haven for amateur but very horny girls who range from being chubby to being lean. You have blondes, brunettes, red heads, and girls with different hair colors. These girls are sometimes Asian, European, American, and many more. Well, the variation of girls is what you should be heavily expecting since thousands of videos are present in this porn site. It’s not just one or two or three types of variations, there are literally hundreds of different girls, if not, thousands to watch. That’s the joy of having amateur made and taken videos because you get to have a lot of content without having to worry about redundancy.

These girls aren’t to be taken lightly too, because they are, despite how they look, sex sluts. They will provide you with different views on anal, ass eating, blow jobs, tit jobs, hand jobs, orgies, threesomes, double penetration, lesbian play, and so many more that you’d find surprising. There are so many videos to choose from that it becomes a little hard to pick a favorite. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to. Just indulge and have fun.

Good paid sex site for amateur porn content


I have so many things to tell potential members of See My GF and it rolls around why you should go for a membership. I mean, there are cons to it but it is rather overshadowed by the positivity this site has offered me. Let me just recite the cons first though. One, the video qualities aren’t as good as you think it will be. I won’t over exaggerate though because they are still pretty decent, to boot. You can watch them clearly, though not as crisply. Audio is good and that’s about it. Two, photos may vary from time to time but that is understandable since they are only uploaded by amateur people too. It is not much of a big deal. Three, the updates are inconsistent but are still there, anyway. Four, no bonus sites which is a bit sad but understandable considering the fact that they are providing a lot of scenes compared to other porn sites and their extra sites combined.

Skipping over to the positives, I’ve already mentioned how See My GF has high content count. There are literally thousands of videos up for viewing and thousands of photos to pair with it. The girls are as real as they can get and they are even still budding. As a member, you can also upload some of your stuff so that’s a plus point for them. So, as someone who is a member of See My GF, I totally recommend subscribing to it. It’s perfect for those who are into amateur porn.

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