Petty thefts and crime are all over the news and it is something that you see and hear about everyday, there are those who stole and were able to get away with it however, there are some few unlucky women who stole items and were caught. But have you ever wondered what happens inside the offices? How they try to get away with it without having any records? These women are desperate and are willing to do anything just to be able to get away without anything to hold them down.

Shoplyfter is an adult entertainment site that will show you scenarios and stories that happen behind closed doors for those who have sexual fantasies about this plot, they have the perfect story and perfect castings that, once you watch their videos, you won’t be able to take off your mind, especially once you see another shop lifter being detained.

Site Features

Once you open the site you will be greeted with a simple yet elegant black wallpaper background, they also created a slideshow of high-resolution pictures that feature their models and the scenes that they were in. When you scroll down you will see thousands of their videos that are labelled not by titles but by case numbers.

At the upper right hand side you will see three tabs, the scenes tab, which will show you all the movies on the site, the login tab which will show you the place where you can type in your username and password and the join now tab that will give you the option to subscribe to the site. All of the high definition videos on the site are downloadable, can be transferred into different devices, and can be converted into different formats.

At the bottom most part of the page you will see their frequently asked questions link and that is where you can read more about the site and the questions that most members ask, you can also contact their customer support representative through their hotline number, the link is located just beside the frequently asked questions tab, they are open 24/7 to answer your questions and concerns about the site and about you service. Aside from being about to download, convert and transfer their videos, you can also stream them directly on the site through your desktop or laptop, you can also use their user-friendly mobile version if you are on the go and if you don’t have time to download, convert and transfer files.

Site Girls

The videos on this site focus on the outcome of women shoplifting in stores and the consequences that are imposed by the officers that caught them, one thing leads to another as these officers want to get laid and these women are sexy enough to make them want to pound them. The scenarios in these videos usually involves the officers telling the models what will happen once the word of what they have done gets out, and when with the mention of jail time, these women could not help but asking for an alternative and these officers have the right alternative for them.

In one video it showed a hipster girl who was caught stealing a shirt, she denied it but the camera saw her take the shirt out of her bag, the officer then told her that it would be either jail time or sex time. The action started as he took his cock out, grabbed her boobs and made her suck his cock, she was also bent over the table and was pounded from behind. Another video showed two shoplifters who got their pussies stretched and their holes filled.

In another video featured on the site it showed an Asian woman who got caught stealing, and since the officer who interrogated her was horny and wanted to get off, he fished his cock out and made her suck him. She also took all of her clothes off and they had sex on the chair, on the table and on the floor, all while the camera was filming them. Everything was caught on tape until he shot his load on her face. These models may not have their names placed on the site but they are identified by case numbers, making their plot of criminals who are caught stealing more believable.

All of the videos on this site last for about 15 to 30 minutes depending on the storyline, they can be converted into different formats such as AVI, WMV, 4PG, 3PG and more, you can also download the high definition videos and you can transfer them into any device of your choice like your Android phone, iPhone, Ipad and more.

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Not only do they have videos of the officer and the woman having sex, they also have videos of more than one officer having sex with the woman that they caught or an officer having sex with two or three women who shoplifted. Anything that happens behind closed doors is hot and will definitely turn you on, these are women who had no choice and were caught in between for they want to spare themselves from the possible jail time, but what they don’t know is that, as they were on their knees sucking the cock deepthroat, there were cameras recording them, showing the world what they did. They may have been hesitant at first, but these women end up enjoying getting their pussies fucked and they all end up loving the taste of their officer’s massive cocks.

Shoplyfter is an adult entertainment site that uploads videos with a story, and they also make sure that their models are naughty and willing to do anything. These women have really skilled hands for they don’t just steal and hide things in stores, but they can also please their officers by stroking their cocks and by playing with their balls.

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