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People have different traits that make them unique. This is also applicable while you are discussing about the topic of sex. One thing that must be kept in mind while you are browsing the net for porn is the type of action that turns you on. On the whole, you can define the sex content in terms of hardcore and softcore. The hardcore sex movies will feature intense drilling action on screen while the softcore stuff will linger on the edge of passionate and titillating action. If you can pin point the type which sexcites you then you will be able to access the sites that are appropriate for you. This will save both time and energy. If you lust to see tender aged chicks getting on with the action then the portal named Shy Angela will suit you in the best way. Thus, buckle up and take a ride into the corridors of the locale that is known mostly for the porn that will suit to the needs of most people who love to see conventional sex between a boy and girl. Most chicks are known to be shy. So is the case with Angela. She is rather demure when she is seen on a normal day. But there are other aspects to her character that are yet to be uncovered.

Shy Angela is a site that has been launched in the year 2010. The year had market the grand entry of this particular portal in the market of porn. It is very evident that the site has been catering to the needs of the people and that is why it has been able to survive in the business arena for so long. The contents are such that you will not be able to take your eyes off it. The creativity of the makers of the site has been represented well in the sex movies. Both the quality and the quantity of the movies will leave you asking for more. The thing that has made it most popular is the attractive look of the models and the action that unfolds on the screen.  Shy Angela tells the sex adventures of this tender aged sex diva, who appears to be shy in normal course, but sheds off her shyness as soon as the camera starts to roll. The sexy and sultry ways in which she arouses the passion of men by taking off her already skimpy clothes in front of the camera, is a treat for any man’s eyes. Here you will get to see different ways in which the guys press on to her juicy hooters.

The scenes where they suck and lick the tits will fill up your senses. Angela is very skilled when it comes to titillating the senses of the guys. Apart from these, she will also flash her curves and cunt in front of the camera with no hesitation. The sight of her wet pussy will make you rub your own dick.

Site Features

If these information has been successful in making your cock erect, just imagine what will happen to you when you actually see the videos with your own eyes? I am sure that most of you are waiting to know about the portal details that will help you in getting to the sex movies easily. Let me start with the registration procedures. It is like the other sites, where you need to log on the online application form and fill in the necessary tabs with your details. No need to worry as the admin will guarantee full anonymity. Your account can be assessed only via the id and password that you will be registering. Payment has to be made before you get access to the contents of the portal.

The admin has put in a lot of options for you like JCB, Diner, VISA, and Discover for making payments. If you want, you can also issue online checks in favor of the portal. Coming to the other features, the moment you enter the main site, you will be welcomed with the naked and sexy images of Angela. There are a few tabs in the home page that will give you access to the various movies and images. The videos are of ultra HD quality to enhance your viewing experience. You will get the option of streaming the feed as well as downloading the contents, which include both image and videos. Most of the video previews are hyperlinked with the main feed. For streaming you can use Flash at a resolution of 640×360. Downloading can be done via MP4 at 1280×720.

The contents can be played on iPod, Windows phone and also PSP. The facility of using Quick Time is also available at 1280×720 resolutions. There are no downloads limits and you can get the videos in WMV format as well. The images are also of high resolution. Apart from these, you will get to enjoy DVDs, stories, bonus clips and stories as well.

Site Girls

Apart from conventional scenes, you will also get to see chicks licking Angela’s pussy. The shower scenes will increase your lust of having a good fucking session with her. They ways in which she makes out with the hand shower will make you salivate. There are a total of around 32+ clips in the portal, each of which will enchant you for about 16 minutes.

As for the images, you will get 34+ galleries with around 400+ imageries in each. They are available in Zip format for the purpose of downloading. The maneuvers that have been depicted by this lustful tender sex fairy will definitely make you feel satisfied to the brim.

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This is definitely a sex ground for all those who want to take a ride of a life time. The hardcore fucking scenes as well as the softcore passionate seduction scenes are all that a man wants to quench the thirst for sex.

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