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Just like tits, stilettos are sometimes taken as a signal that a woman has a strong desire to seduce the opposite sex, and that her way of doing it is far less demanding than those of her strip-down-to-her-panties counterparts. It’s undeniable that these high-heeled wonders have a certain sexual appeal to them. I mean, with foot fetish lovers just out there waiting for a lovely lady to walk around with her lovely pair of pumps, don’t you think shops should put a warning label on the shoe box that says: Careful! These pair of stilettos might attract pervs! Even women with a so-so appearance would look fuckable once they wrap their feet around a nicely made pair of stilettos. Even the gentlemen who probably don’t have a foot fetish can easily be drawn to these fuck-me podiatric delights. And for the ladies who are, in fact, on the lookout for some penis to attract, stilettos are an easy way to lure them out discreetly. Stiletto Girl, as the name suggest, is a premium non-nude fetish site that’s dedicated to providing high-quality videos and photos of beautiful ladies seducing their viewers with their stunning footwear. Not only do they have a fondness for all types of heels, they also love to tease men with lacy stockings, nylons, fishnet, and all sorts of naughty outfits that’ll make you lick your lips over. Toss in some lovely, slender legs and luscious thighs beneath those well-pressed business suits and pencil skirts and you’re pretty much sold! Stiletto Girl promises a minimum of 2 new content every week, featuring more attractive ladies showing off their lovely legs and shiny stilettos. You may not be treated to some bonus sites but there’s more than enough to keep you busy here at Stiletto Girl, what with their exclusive HD videos and high-res photo sets!

Site Features

As I treated myself to some juicy girls-in-heels at Stiletto Girl, I noticed that most of the content are produced from the UK, with most of the videos and photos taken outdoors like in parks and along busy streets, complete with natural lighting. You’ll also see a few studio shots with some nice backdrops, with the ladies posing seductively for your erotic pleasure. The site sports a nice, visually appealing dark cyan color scheme, with the letters “SG” draped all over the background. It doesn’t look like your typical porn site, so it’s clear that they’ve put some thought into building and designing the site. There are four main sections on the menu tab: a section each for the videos and photo sets, a models’ page, and an archive for older content. From the homepage, you’ll see some photos of their newest models, complete with a short info about the girls. This is followed by a bunch of their new content releases, as well, complete with a short description, date stamp, and the length of the flick. Overall, Stiletto Girl has a friendly and welcoming feel to it, considering it’s an adult entertainment site. It gives off an impression that foot fetish is meant to be understood and appreciated, rather than exploited. Some people might complain that it’s too tedious or that the contents are too softcore, but the site has a clearly defined objective and a very specific target audience that not everyone might truly appreciate. For a fetish-related site, it’s doing a great job and should be applauded.

Site Girls

At the time of this review, Stiletto Girl has more than 80 sizzling hot models in their roster – all set to give you a jolly good time with their long, skinny legs and expensive heels. Most of the models are Caucasian – British to be more precise – in varying ages, though I’ve seen a couple of Latinas and Africans who are just as hot and beautiful. Each of the girls has their own model page where you can find more info about them, as well as links to the photos and videos they’ve starred in. The girls at Stiletto Girl don’t go as far as providing the viewers with wild sexual antics, since they’d rather showcase their slender figures adorned in sexy lingerie or elegant suits, along with a lovely pair of stilettos. You’ll find plenty of women dressed up in office clothes, and the shoes vary in colors and sizes. The quality of content varies, but for the most part, they’re good, if not excellent. In my opinion, though, the photos are more superior in quality, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be treated to some HD videos. The average length of the videos is 5 minutes, sometimes even longer. You can stream or download the videos in WMV or MP4 formats. Sound is just as good as the visuals. For the photos, they’re a nice blend of indoor and outdoor shoots. While all of the digital stills have that erotic appeal to them, the studio shots add a bit more spice as the girls in heels are more confident to wear sexy lingerie. Each photo set carries a nice amount of stills that can be enlarged to full-screen, with resolutions up to 1000x1200px or higher. Sadly, there’s no option to download and save the photo sets in ZIP files.

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The exclusive content here at Stiletto Girl won’t disappoint hardcore fans of the genre. The sight of a woman all nicely wrapped in seductive outfits while proudly carrying themselves in high-heel stilettos is a sight to behold. All of the ladies are gorgeous in their own unique way, and they’ll make sure you’ll never run out of foot fetish goodness to enjoy and jerk off to. Videos and photos are added on a regular basis so expect more juicy content coming your way. Photos don’t get updated as often as the videos though, but once new content is released, expect them to be just as delicious as the videos. So if you’re into foot fetish, Stiletto Girl is a site you can’t afford to miss!

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