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Are you beginning your journey in gay porn? I have encountered a lot of friends who would want to get started in gay porn but don’t know where to start. I mean, they could just start watching some videos, right? However, I have received a lot of feedback that just “getting into it” could result to a bit of a culture shock.

Can you relate to these guys? If you can, then this short review might just have the right solution to your problems. First, one of the things that might be challenging when you are just starting out in watching porn, even if it’s not really gay porn at all, is that live action (which is a term used to watching real people, real porn stars) can shock you. The sights and sounds may be too graphic for your taste. Another reason is that it can sometimes be difficult to match the “look” or a certain type of beauty that you are looking for with the scene in the video. Let’s face it, there are times when the models or porn stars are dreamy and drop-dead gorgeous, but they’re stuck in a pretty boring scene. On the other hand, there are really some dripping wet action-filled scenes, but once you get a closer look at the stars, they are…well, not to your liking.

When this happens, I usually advise one thing: animated porn or hentai. Here are the reasons why. I have yet to find a hentai movie that grossed me out – even in those really weird porn niches. Promise. Hence, when people are trying to get into gay porn, my primary suggestion is to start with the twink genre. The porn models are as clean as they can get – they’re freaking hairless! And to take it even further, you can enjoy this porn in an artsy way, through the porn site that we are going to talk right now. It’s TwinkyToons.

It is not just an ordinary porn site, it is an art hub where you would find the best twink porn toons you will ever find on the internet. The porn site is even more than that. It has a lot of other membership perks that we will talk more about in detail later on.

Site Features

Of course, it is not a big surprise if the main focus of this porn site is the art. Once you have landed in the homepage, the first thing that you are going to see is the first few comic panels of their latest upload. Below that, you will also get to see other porn site offerings, also in thumbnails. The thumbnails that offer their comics are the best. They are pretty big so you would be able to see how brilliant the art is. Not only that, you would also be able to read a short description of what’s going to happen in the story, even before you read. Don’t worry, though, they are not going to give you some spoilers. They are just going to give you an idea of what the story is about so you don’t waste time reading everything only to find out that you’d rather have finished the other story instead.

The next thumbnails that are presented on the page are not part of their comics collection anymore. Like their comics content though these are presented in big thumbnails as well, also giving us a good look at the quality of the artwork and creativity that went into the creation of these content. There is no short description for each of them unlike the thumbnails above, but there still is a short sentence written at the beginning of each batch under the batch name.

Then, after a couple of batches of different thumbnails, you will then see the links to other twink porn sites at the very bottom, and since we are talking about it now, let me tell you a surprise. Premium membership is required in TwinkyToons in order for you to enjoy their exclusive sexy comics. However, once you have already signed up, you will gain access to the entire Gaylife network! This is the adult network which TwinkyToons belong to, and there are certainly more twink porn sites in the network. What’s more is that you get access to ALL of them by simply signing up for TwinkyToons. Isn’t that great?

Site Boys

This leads me to the next part, the content of the porn site. Well, it is practically obvious that you are going to get a ridiculous amount of variety when it comes to the twinks being offered on this porn site. After all, they are all hand-drawn so as for their looks and types, the imagination is the limit.

As for the content, you will be pleased to learn that TwinkyToons is not only filled with comics, but they have other content in store for you as well. Remember what we said earlier about the other membership perks available? Well, they have an on-going Pin-up Collection which is like an awesome yet very dirty gallery of the best twink art in porn. It’s like the counterpart of those photo albums you see in other porn sites, although this time, it’s an illustrated version.

Aside from that, they also have a “Clothed and Naked” feature where you will see artworks of hot twinks, one fully clothed and another one with the same guy, only this time, he’s wearing his birthday suit! And finally, you will enjoy their Wallpaper Collection which you will be able to download and enjoy as much as you’d want.

Good premium porn site with the hottest gay porn cartoons


And that is it! Needless to say, TwinkyToons is really one of the most jam-packed porn sites that we have ever visited with the different amounts of content that their members can exclusively enjoy.

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