If you’ve always been wondering what a “courtesan” is, then it’s high time you knew about them in a more modern feel. From Renaissance on, European Kings and noblemen often kept a “courtesan”, that is, a woman with whom they have a relationship with but not married to. Courtesans got their name literally from the royal court where these women lived. In fact, the term ‘to court’, as in to woo someone romantically, comes from the origin. Then again, these courtesans could care less if there was any romance involved since their particular target revolves around money. Which is why they prefer older and richer men. They basically stem from the idea of “mistresses” but not quite since these ladies have a high social position. To quote: these women are equipped with an entitled social position who engage in sexual relationships with rich or important men in exchange for cold hard cash.

In my book, they equate to prostitutes, only a little fancier. Well, cue in YoungCourtesans, where their primary niches revolve around fresh adults. These are also amateur girls who engage in, nonetheless, hardcore sex. I’m sure you’ve seen these so called courtesans all over the internet trying to find dates in the form of older and richer men; in this site, you’ll find out what comes after that fateful date. Actually, all the sexual details about it.

This unique porn site was launched March 2010 and has been active since long. The company managing this gem of a site is Serious Cash and they are a major haul for seriously hot porn sites. So expect the best if ever you decide to wager on YoungCourtesans. I’ll have you guys know that these girls know how to keep these men happy in bed and they practically use their amazing prowess in this hot, exclusive selection of scenes.

Site Features

The YoungCourtesans’ site features a pretty generic design and it is pretty easy to find your way through. Once in the homepage, there are a lot of links to lead you to where you want. The homepage itself is home to a number of latest videos that you can click and be directed to.

There are also video descriptions which are helpful, so to say. Models are named and they have a minuscule model index available. You can also rate and comment, which pretty much makes it good. Updates happen once or twice every month but have slowed down ever since. Considering that they’ve been around for some time, it is only right that they have quite the established site. The site has boasted a staggering 627 videos but I do think it is way less than that.

Of course, to be able to access the site’s features and scenes, you’ll have to subscribe as a member. Trial memberships are available but they only last for a day and the access is limited, as you’ll only be able to watch videos that are old. Upon membership, you’ll be able to get full access to videos, both old ones and new. Streaming can be viewed in Flash player with 800 x 600p. Downloaded videos have a lot of options and you can save them in MP4 format or WMV format. Resolution is set at 1920 x 1080p. There are photo sets available too and they usually contain a hundred photos or more. These are mostly video caps though. They can be downloaded as zip files and be viewed online as is.

All contents are exclusive and you will be unable to find them anywhere else. There are also bonus sites that come with your YC membership. Don’t forget to check those out once you have it.

Site Girls

Well, the girls of YoungCourtesans are all fresh faced and they come in seriously banging bodies. These ladies seem to love mature men cum all over them and they make sure that these men have great statuses and a great income to boot. Obviously, they will be using their tight bodies to seduce, beguile, and entrap these men into their web of lust. They’re basically high-class prostitutes and they only deal in high-class sex. No money, no honey.

There are around 20 to 30 models at the moment in the site and they all engage in hardcore action. For the most part, the videos they star in are equipped to be lustful, seductive, and pleasing. These ladies know their way to a man’s heart – or dick, for that silly matter. If you’re into girls who are borderline erotic and intense, then you’ll be glad to know that YoungCourtesans has them, in bulk. So, if ever you get tired of watching street side hookers and would like to opt for a more classy take on prostitution, head on over to YoungCourtesans and enjoy this piece of hot heaven.

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Despite the site having a diminutive collection, it was all worth it. I mean, I could point out a few things that aren’t nice at all but they aren’t that bad either. Again, the site has only a few collection despite being launched four years ago already. It won’t take you long to be able to see everything. The updates are erratic and you really won’t know very well when they are going to update again. It’s basically cluttered but still pretty easy to define. You’ll also notice that there are a few ads that are present in the member’s area but it’s just a case of blind linking.

Oh, porn sites these days. Photo sets aren’t all that professional, because they are mostly video caps but they do pack a hi-resolution front so I’m not going to complain about that. Those are just negligible issues though. All in all, the site is pretty neat. Navigation is great and they have high quality content, The scenes are massive and pretty exclusive, and they basically offer you a lot of in browser options, as well as when you download the scenes. Girls are greatly attractive. Bonus sites are present. I totally recommend this treasure right here.

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