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BDSM is a special niche that draws quite a huge following and fan base among porn fans. Yet, most of the BDSM available on the net has tended to ignore the rich African content. For, arguably, the first time, you are provided a chance to savor these African amateur cuties in real obedience and mistreatment sex scenes on African soil.

Site Features

I have to confess that the design of the platform is just as simple and impressive as the African touch and feel. The home page of the platform is splashed with tagged images of the models in various BDSM sex encounters; captured in the wild. I was aroused by the thematic performances that range from husband and wife encounters to some sort of induction sessions in which African girls are subjected to training by dudes with a ton of guts and thirst for some domination and slaving. There is a drop down menu too.

Although there isn’t much, it struck me that African Sex Slaves is still tweaking its access and navigation tools. However, other fully functional options worked just fine for me. I could scroll down the page and select a scene that I preferred before I was led straight into the arena. The scenes come with date stamps and user rating. Thus, I could also sample the domination porn by choosing the best-rated scenes and videos. I had no problem checking out the flicks and the pics on my mobile phone. Some of the flicks on African Sex Slaves come in crisp clear specs that make the viewing all the more fun.

Site Girls

The girls are gorgeous amateurs drawn from across the African beauty spectrum. These girls are often tied to tree stumps, rocks, or simply gagged and rammed in both holes by the able-bodied African dudes. Other scenes feature sexy women with juicy bums in submission acts. These women are led into thickets and made to worship their masters in earnest submission. Check out the girls serving their masters with blowjob treats; right in the deep of the Savanna grasslands. You are provided with an authentic feel of the African wild; with girls tied on trees, rocks and stumps.

I was turned on by the scene in which a girl is pinned onto an old car junk and drilled hard by a dude with a massive cock. One wonders how the old car wreck even found its way to that location. It feels like the middle of nowhere. If you have a thing for BDSM porn, you will enjoy the slaving stunts that also include some spanking. Some scenes feature amateur African black cuties in ropes. Their nipples and tits are tied with ropes. I came across a site in which a woman’s virginal lips were clipped and tied on weights so that the girl could feel the gravity pulling at her pussy. Another scene shows two hunks in their prime years handling a girl in the wild. They have tied their equally hot catch on a tree, in what seems like a desert location. One dude pinches the girl’s nipples with his fingers while the other dude looks on with desire.

While the pics are not, necessarily, your fast-lane full HD movies, they are shot with skill and present the authentic and raw amateur African cuties in BDSM mode. You also have enough to watch for months on end.

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African Sex Slaves is your authentic African BDSM porn platform. You are treated to real amateur models in the wild. You also have bonus scenery that takes you on a mental trip to the impressive African wild. The videos are shot in a skillful fashion that makes sure that you catch the full African feel.

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