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The Great Outdoors is hard to improve on, the open air, the closeness of nature, what more could you want? Well if you take all of that and add a lot of hardcore screwing, then you get Amateur Sex Outdoors. This site specializes in all things outdoors and dirty, with a rich collection of video content.

Site Features

The site focuses on exhibiting video content, so the main and only page is a stream of video thumbnails and a banner across the top. The site is simple and to the point – sign up or get out. There is a grey scale background to the site that keeps things basic and the only pages to navigate to are either to sign up or log in. The site loads very quickly even with the abundance of thumbnail images to get through and it is responsive to clicks and requests. Not much info is presented about each video and we are limited to a star rating and a reference to the videos length, but no name, featured actresses or descriptive tags.
The site does have a mobile version, dedicated to handheld device screen sizes, making it much easier to peruse the available content when on there. Using the mobile site keeps the site responsive and well proportioned, removing any clunky interface elements that would not work too well on a touch screen.

Site Girls

I’ve got to say I was really impressed with the variety I found here. There is a lot of hardcore, but in addition they have pages of tit fucks, oral, anal, facials, big tits, modeling, girl on girl, masturbation and threesomes. Basically, if you can do it outdoors, then they will make a video of it and it will end up on Amateur Sex Outdoors.
The girls are a mixture of homely, real housewives, models and cute nymphs.
The video quality does vary somewhat as is often the case with amateur productions, some is more amateur than others. But overall there is a lot of High Definition videos present and they get in really close and tight so you can get a great view of everything the ladies have on show. Standard definition definitely makes up a good proportion as well, but even these are of good quality and easily enjoyed.
Scenes are roughly 30 minutes in length on average and according to the site there are 1000s of videos available. It’s hard to tell what format they use for the videos on the site, but as it is a streaming platform that doesn’t really matter anyway. There does not appear to be any photos on the site, at all, so no photo gallery is present for visitors. There may be some hidden somewhere, but at present there is no clue to them.
Signing up with Amateur Sex Outdoors can be done on a trial basis for 3 days, but then subscriptions go up to 1 month and 3 months durations. The subscription also gives you access to around a dozen other sites that are part of the same network and explore a collection of their own niches. At 13 for the price of 1 it makes good economic sense.

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To cite an old nursery rhyme – “If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure for a big surprise…”. Now Amateur Sex Outdoors is the kind of surprise I wouldn’t mind coming across on a walk in the wilderness. The site is very basic but it is content rich, and the variety presented on the site makes it very easy to re-visit.

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