Czech Spy


The CzechSpy is one of the hottest projects of the guys of the CzechAV network. On this website you will find a compilation of porn scenes, created in a mixed style of voyeur and POV. The main actor here is a guy called Ales, who had spy-cam glasses, which he uses to capture the hottest moments of his life. This guy is loaded with cash, he is quite handsome, and he is always lucky enough to get a hot Czech cunt for the pointy end of this cock. The CzechSpy offers you a neat collection of voyeur-PoV porn, and access to a network of Czech-themed reality-porn sites.

Let’s see what we have here then. During our time with the CzechSpy we have noticed only one big issue with the site, but apart from that it’s a recommendable portal. Though it has been online since 2013, the site doesn’t offer too much porn. In fact the CzechSpy has 12 scenes with hardcore sex, going on for more than 40 minutes. The good thing is that they are captured in HD, and these scenes are fully exclusive. So, the members’ of the CzechSpy get a few hours of voyeur-PoV porn, from an exclusive HD collection. It sounds good, even if the number isn’t that huge.

The guys behind this website are not fools, and they know that on its own, the CzechSpy wouldn’t be too popular. However, they have over 30 other projects running, and they created a network for it, called the CzechAV. This network is the main reason why we say that you should join this website. As a member, you receive unrestricted access to the site’s content, and to the whole network. You will see that the membership is well-worth it, and in case you are into Czech girls, you will certainly love it.

The projects/series cover several niches, and they all have different styles. If you like voyeur porn and hidden camera footages, you may like the dedicated sites, which has scenes of girls peeing, changing, and there are even real road-side whores getting banged in a car. You can enjoy here casting scenes, real couples and there is a site with a whore-house in focus. And we haven’t even mentioned the nasty orgies and swinger parties.

Site Features

As you take the tour on the CzechSpy, you will notice that it doesn’t overwhelm the members with options. There are some very pictures listed throughout the page, and the free tour features a trailer, tailored from the best scenes. The pictures and the clip are the most important features of the tour, and each piece of the list has a description, so you can get the idea of what will happen. When you log in, you are going to be welcomed by a very simple page, colored red and black.

This site is the main members’ area, and it couldn’t be simpler. The most important – and only – navigation tool you can use is the site/project list on the left. Naturally, the CzechSpy is selected if you entered from that, you can see this series’ videos listed first. Under the site’s name, you can see the option to list the videos with the newest one at the first place, or you can select to list the most viewed scenes first. On the bottom of the page you can see how many videos are featured in the selected collection.

There is a menu above the main area, where you go to the projects’ list, and to the home page. You won’t gather any model information, since there are no model profiles – however the CzechCasting has interviews. There are no download limits, and no streaming limitations, so you can watch and download and jerk-off as much as you like or can. The streaming is a very good alternative for those who don’t really like downloading. If you open the video in the browser, you can play it in it’s exact quality, so if it’s in HD, the embedded player plays it in HD.

The stream uses Flash-videos. For downloading guys, the site offers two MP4s: one with high-resolution, meant to be played on computers, and one with lower-resolution, working well on mobiles. This site doesn’t feature any photos.

Site Girls

It looks like that the girls in the videos of the CzechSpy are genuine amateur hotties – except for the stripper/prostitutes at the nightclub Ales visited with his pal. The videos are quite long, and they feature full stories from picking up the girls to fucking their brains of. Only Caucasian models appear in these flicks, and Ales picks the hottest ones always. We can’t really decide if these are setup scenes, but if they are, the girl are doing a really fine job to look real. If you are looking for natural cunts, you can find them here, from blondes to brunettes, from tall model-like chicks, to some short, yet really bust girls. Every video is shot by this guy, Ales.

This lad has glasses with a spycam in it, and he uses it to record everything. You can see him smiling in the mirror, jogging with his pal… and as soon as they see two hot chicks, they make the move. These guys probably make a lot of money from doing porn, because they buy expensive drinks… in the night-club scene, they pay $500 (the three girls they fucked were probably included in the price). There are some very hot outdoor scenes too, though mostly the action happens at Ales’s apartment.

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The most important thing about the CzechSpy is that it’s totally crazy and fun. You get to be in the skin of this guy, who has the chance to fuck some really gorgeous girls. Until then, the CzechAV still offers over 2,000 hardcore scenes, each going on at least 20 minutes, so a few months or years of porn is still there to enjoy.

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