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On the Brutal X nothing too hard happens, it’s just rough sex, dirty talk and some clothes stripping… but, if we think about it a bit, it’s quite nasty. This site aims to reach the big ones, and if after the first two-three years it still on this track, it might just become a big success. What you can expect from this portal? First there are only 4K videos here, so the quality is excellent. There is US-based porn here, so the guys and girls might be familiar, and if you like it rough, you will recognize some of them. Since the site is a new one, you shouldn’t get your expectations too high… at least not concerning the quantity, because the video quality is just superb. There are only a few videos here… about a dozen or so, but they are long, high-res and the sex in them is really heavy.

Updates are coming, so the collection continues to grow. You have to know that the Brutal X is not a standalone site. It doesn’t offer you a huge collection on its own, but with the network’s videos you can keep yourself busy while you wait for a new addition. This is a Dirty Flix portal, which means that you have a nice bunch of videos at your disposal. The Dirty Flix sites cover different niches, and they offer a mixed database of US and European porn. It’s awesomeness on the highest levels. Some of the sites receive new content regularly, while others a rarely updated, but they share more good things than bad ones. The majority – would dare to say 100% – of the content is exclusive, so it’s a unique and sexy network to join, for the regular price of one site.

Site Features

Well, the Brutal X doesn’t offer much of a tour, so much is true. However, the home page has a list of thumbnails which tell a lot about the content: the girls are looking great, the sex is seemingly really rough, and the picture is razor-sharp. As you get to the members’ area you will find yourself in front of a nice page. Though the site on its own account doesn’t have too much for you, the nice sorting options will help you get to the content you seek throughout the network. You can easily switch sites, so if you want to watch something different you can do so quickly. These scenes are the best if you save them.

By downloading the files you can enjoy them without lags and buffering in their full 4K Ultra-HD glory. In case you want to preview the videos, you can do so by playing them in the browser. However, keep in mind that the streamed video’s quality doesn’t exactly representing the best you can get. If you are not a pixel-maniac, you may choose lower resolutions to download… fortunately, the sex remains the same. Some video captions are offered, mostly for preview purposes, but no actual photos are available.

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Site Girls

The Brutal X has some really fine chicks in its videos. There are only American girls here, who are mostly working in the reality-porn arena. Every cutie here is a professional, and they mean business, so when you start watching these videos you can only expect the highest level of quality in sex. They are all natural chicks, usually Caucasians, but there are one or two pieces who have a line of Latina in them. These are short, sexy chicks, who really like to show off their body, and who especially like to get a rough drilling. You can see here about a dozen of different girls, going through a hard drilling, and they have some tight snatches to get widened. When you enter the site, you are going to find it that these natural beauties are in the 20-25 years old range, and they have a pair of fine, playful tits. Though they are fresh and hot, these models have everything you need, and they have dozens – if not hundreds – of porn videos behind their back. With years of experience it was only a matter of time for them to go for the harder niches, and fortunately, now they did so.

In the scenes of the Brutal X, you will get studio-quality mainstream sex, with some heavier elements featured. The main fantasy of the videos here is the in-family sex; most videos cover a stepsis-stepbro intercourse, so it’s pretty dirty. Nowadays, this theme is quite popular, and if you are interested in it, then you are at the right place to start to get to know it better – especially because of the great and neat picture quality. So, these videos are studio-made, excellent quality porn flicks, which usually follow a script and a not too significant storyline. There is always some conflict between the guy and the girl, and their fight always ends with the girl being held and fucked as hell. There is usually some dirty talk, clothes ripping and spanking. The girls really get what they are asking for, and the guys are always doing it the hard ways. One of the male actors seems to be a man who really likes rough sex because he always appears in such videos throughout the Internet. The sex is really intents, and the girls always get covered with cum in the end.

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The Brutal X is too new to be properly measured, but at first glance, this site is quite convincing. We’re positive that there will be a lot of good things coming from this portal, and if you add the nice bonus content, it’s a good place to start your porno-journey through the web. The Dirty Flix is not a famous network, but it’s really on a good way to become a great thing online. With the 4K videos, the BrutalX shows how they should shoot porn nowadays, and the amazing sex in the videos is just good to watch.

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