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With a fondness for porn, I have spent most of my time looking at the various videos out there, and lately, I have had trouble finding the right porn to suit my needs, to arouse me, too. Well, it did take me a while, but I finally stumbled upon one site, that had it all for me, called Banging Pornstars, where Derrick Pierce, a guy with a huge dick, who loves banging women who are knowledgeable when it comes to sex.

Site Features

The site is not only full of great content, but it is also pleasing to the eyes. That means that even though its content will have you at its mercy, you will also enjoy what you see on the home page, and not just enjoy it, it might even arouse you. Starting off with the home page, full of still images, as previews, bordered with the blackness of the background, all below the trailer to the site, full of scenes from the videos, you can already taste the hardcore action. The actual videos are in a different section, one reserved for the members, only, and getting there requires you to pay a cheap fee, one that seems insignificant to all the perks that you would be getting.

The sorting and the search bar do indeed help, as you can get to the videos in a second, easily finding what suits you. Apart from that, there is the fact that you will experience no lag at all, which is great for opening and loading many videos at the same time. With as good of an optimization on the mobile devices, browsing from your bed becomes more than possible.

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Site Girls

And that should suit you just fun, as having your orgasms in bed seems like a right place to have them. Threesomes are a frequent thing on the site, as Derrick loves banging two women, especially when they are as horny as the ones here, ready to suck his cock, eat their pussies and get penetrated in both the holes. Derrick doesn’t mind, ass or pussy, he knows how to satisfy the girls, and they, with the same knowledge, willingly get into the kinkiest situations with him. The blowjobs are just another thing that they love giving, and sucking out all of Derrick’s cum, just so that they can swap and play with it. That is, of course, not all, as you get bonus scenes, and a lot of them, which are behind the scenes videos, and that is still not all.

The videos are in HD, which gives the details an edge, one that is perfect for viewing and enjoying. With every video lasting at least 20 minutes, and with so many of them, over 200, one can really get their orgasm, so many times that it would become unbearable. Going to the bonus stuff, you get to download all the videos, if you can, in WMV and iPod formats. That is not all, though, as this site is part of a network of sites, all of which become available to you if you join this one. Not only that but their videos are downloadable, too.

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There is not much left to say about Banging Pornstars, except that you should visit and see for yourself the greatness that the site is. With so much aesthetic value, the design will leave you breathless, and the content will have you on your knees, with you begging for more. Join this paradise of porn, and you will get so much in return.

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