Buck Angel


Buck Angel has made a name for himself not only as a peer leader but is also a household name in FTM porn. Buck Angel is both the title of the porn site and the name of the pornstar featured. He is known to be the first ever female to male transsexual. He has run awareness campaigns in many places across the US and beyond to encourage transsexual people to accept and pump up their ego.

Site Features

As you would expect from a site owned by such a big name in entertainment and community empowerment, the design and layout are up to the game. I was impressed with the artistic mix of impressive form and content. The platform is wrapped in impressive light grey, black and orange background colours. The scenes are shot in a variety of places including outdoors. I could begin my entertainment session by clicking on any of the image provided on the home page. There is a menu that affords you a peek into the various services available.

There are 41 models specially dedicated to your entertainment on Buck Angel. You are provided with a model index to check out the models you want and follow them in their performances. I could also follow the performances by the updates. You are treated to a ton of content that you will hardly feel the need for anything outside your primary subscription. Users still have something extra in the form of live chat shows in which you can interact with a range of entertainers on Buck Angel.

Mobile users can check out the videos by streaming or downloading as much as they wish. Well, did I say as much as you wish! Wait a minute, I think I did it. I streamed and downloaded videos as much as I wished but there is a catch. Since you are not me, I should warn you to come slowly if you are the type that can download over 40 gigabytes. That is the cap. If you exhaust the 40GB limit, don’t fret, you can always download as much content the next day. Streaming experience is remarkable. I could view the videos as if they were playing on a local dedicated device.

Site Girls

You will love the attitude and style of the star model. It took me some time to realise that the FTM star is the owner of the site. He bends in so well with the other performers. I think that works perfectly well with the style and action that ensues. You are treated to a lot of sex acting that ranges from fairly soft porn action to real hardcore stuff. There is a lot of rare fetishes too.

I loved the scenes in which girls are captured screwing dudes with their strap-on toys. Buck Angel himself is open and willing to explore the sensual world. He is often captured being rammed deep and hard by giant looking dudes with massive cocks. His pussy serves him well, though, he reaps from the action and is seen climaxing and exploding in erotic noises on several occasions. There are scenes that feature dudes dipping their cocks into their mates in anal penetration sessions. Some scenes feature cock sucking sessions that end in a lot of jizz spilling around. There is a tight bond between the performers that makes the performance natural and spontaneous.

You are provided with up to 111 videos and over 5600 photos in great quality specs. The videos are made in impressive MP4 and Flash Player formats. The latest flicks play at great sizes of 1920x1080p.

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Buck Angel is a fast and exciting porn entertainer. If you have a fetish for FTM, shemale sex or even gay action, you have a great chance to strike your luck on Buck Angel. The action is varied and creative. 

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