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There was a time when if you talked about tranny porn you were going to received strange stares. Not anymore as tranny sites have come up on the internet in their numbers. Today, there are more men watching tranny porn than ever before. Most men have a perversion and they have their fantasies. They may make images in their heads and try to play them out each time. Most times their fantasies may never come true in real life but they can, at least, use porn to satisfy it. As such, sites like TS Playground have become very popular over the years. They carry a very rare niche but one that men find interesting.

Even if they don’t accept there are many men who fantasize about being with a tranny. Now they can live out this fantasy by logging on to a site like TS Playground and let their fantasies come to live as they follow all the action on the screen. It suffices to say that watching a tranny do porn is a huge turn on for most men. Even if you are not physically taking part in all the action, you will be super turned on as you watch the shemales make out in the different videos. Note that you are on one of the sites on the Evil Angel network. This means that director Jay Sin is at work as such you can be guaranteed very high-quality content.

The Evil Angel network has more than 24 sites included in it and as a member of TS Playground you get access to 24 bonus sites. All of this is available to you for the price of one.

On TS Playground you are going to be meeting some really hot models’ bodies that make your dick cry out for help. These models are from different countries but most of them are from Brazil, Thailand and the United States. Looking at their pretty faces and hot bodies, you can never guess what is between their legs until they take off their clothes. Yet you will be excited by the fact that these models with great bodies also spot a penis. That means they can fuck and be fucked very easily. The videos are a combination of the hardcore and softcore. Videos are available full length only to members and visitors to the site have to register to become members if they want to access the site’s wonderful content. As a visitor to TS Playground who loves shemale porn, it will be difficult to leave the site without clicking on the join button. This is because you will be presented with so many hot contents that you cannot access. As such the only way for you to quell your curiosity will be to join and gain full access, to your advantage, when you become a member, you are not only limited to the videos on TS Playground. You will be able to get access to videos on 24 other bonus sites. That is quite a lot of videos for you alone.

Site Features

The website of TS Playground may not be fancy but it is elegant. The clever use of white on the site helps give the site a clean and attractive look. Just below the site’s header are the menu tabs of which the most important ones are the scenes tab and the network sites tab. The scenes tab take you to the scenes page where you will find videos laid out in pages. There is a sorting box to the left of this page that allows users to sort videos based on the following; latest updates, most viewed, highly rated and upcoming. It is also possible to sort videos based on categories.

There are over 50 categories on the site and a video can know the number of videos per category by checking out the number that is written on the site of the category in brackets. Some categories like big tits and brunettes have more videos than other categories. Members of the site can check out the network site directly from the home page by clicking on the network sites tab. Some of the network sites include: Anal Acrobats, Jake Malone and a Milk Enema.

Site Girls

The models on this site are not the usual models that you see on other straight porn sites. These models are shemales meaning that they have boobs and they also have a dick. This combination of boobs and dicks is actually the reason most men come to the site to watch. The models are from different countries in the world but they all look pretty and elegant. Their bodies look well polished and well taken care of. They are horny little bitches that are ready to suck and fuck at any time. Some names you may come across on the site include; Sa, Layla B, Lita, SumKit, Petch and Coco.

One of the things that will instill you well on this site is the videos and the quality that they come in. These videos are well put together and they are of the highest quality. Apart from content which is rich, the quality is super good. Most of the videos are available in two formats. They are available in WMV and in mp4. These videos can be downloaded or streamed based on the preference of the member. The photosets that are included with the videos can also be downloaded in zip format. These photosets usually contain on average 80 high-resolution pictures.

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Tranny porn is something that has gained in popularity over the years and many sites have cropped up trying to serve the needs of tranny porn lovers. Most of these sites have been lacking in the quality of content. Today, there is tsplayground that offers everything a tranny porn lover ever wanted in terms of quality and content.

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