Candy Monroe


Porn as it is has been getting quite boring lately, with so many similar videos, that you cannot even find a good site. Well, all of that can change, if you go to Candy Monroe, where you will see a beautiful blond girl cuckolding her white dudes. She loves fucking black cocks, huge ones, and that is what she does in every video, not to mention the kinky stuff that she makes her white boys do. There are many bonuses here, so be sure to check the site out.

Site Features

The first thing that I noticed upon arrival to the home page is the fact that it looks absolutely nice. It has a wonderful combination of colors, as Candy has a very colorful personality. Firstly, when you get there, you notice the network’s bar, at the top, as they brag about the number of content that they have, as well as the optimization. Then, you see a gigantic image, one where it becomes obvious that Candy is really hot, and that she loves sucking on big dicks. Below that, you have buttons that take you to the joining page, as well as many previews. They are placed in a grid like way, so you know that you can see a lot of the stuff, even before you join.

Joining, however, does grant you access to the full-size pictures and full feature videos, unlike the previews that you get as a guest viewer. Likewise, you can use the sorting options when you join, and the search bar, too, to get to the videos much faster. The site also runs without lag, so talking about the optimization, they were not bragging. Clearly, the site runs fast, and you can take your porn wherever you go, as the site is portable, too.

Site Girls

What is better than a portable site, one that you can take wherever you go with you? Well, the fact that you can watch the videos offline. These videos, in HD, are great to look at, and they have over 70 of them. Their approximate duration is 25 minutes, each, so that means a lot of content, especially when you have in mind the frequent updates. Yes, the videos are available in streaming, in the flash format, and for downloading, in the MP4 and the WMV formats.

Furthermore, you can also view the photos, if you prefer seeing still images to real live action, and you can download them in the ZIP format, for the sake of convenience. And in those images, still or moving, you get to see Candy, a nice looking girl with big boobs, blond hair, a nice ass and a passion for fucking black cocks. In the end, after the black dudes cum, the white sissies eat all the cum from Candy’s face, butt or wherever else it might have ended up. The videos are insanely arousing and Candy is just a perfect girl. Now, as a member, you do get access to over 22 bonus sites, and their content is also yours, for streaming or downloading, whatever you prefer. Candy keeps on rewarding her loyal members.

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So, if you like hardcore porn, cuckolding, no less, then you should go join the Queen of Cuckold’s site, Candy Monroe. The girl carries the same name, and she is horny for black dudes and their cocks, which she always gets, while her white sissy males stand around, watching. This site has many perks for its members, from free downloads to other sites to explore.

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