Denmark is the land of no judgment and sexual liberation. That’s why these ladies have no fear in flaunting their stuff around and they love showing you – and the world – how much they love their bodies. They’re doing it outside, inside, camping, at swimming pools, on a boat and while rafting. What happens when a bunch of friends decide to go to a nudist resort together? They’ll all start fucking each other because the sexual tension is simply too much to take! The best part is that you get to witness their show of affection as they come together in order to cum together. The ladies have had their bodies decorated just for you and they love showing them off with confidence, without a worry in the world that someone might see them and feel like taking advantage of their nakedness. This is what gives them an exotic, foreign sexiness as a stroll near a lake with a friend turns into a kinky scissoring session and a hot sauna turns into really hot, steamy sex. The ladies know they’re being watched and they ignore the viewer, being too busy satisfying each other to focus on anything else. The ladies do make love in front of the camera, letting it all flow and show, but their main focus is their mutual pleasure as they finger and tease each other, because they know that once you’re getting the pleasure you lust for, anyone else watching is getting a hard-on as well.

Site Features

The website focuses on outdoor sex, therefore, the site has natural colors such as green and white. The videos are downloadable and website even offers customer support to registered members. There don’t seem to be many videos, but they do have an archive that you may browse at will. Unlike other website that uploads all sorts of videos trying to cover everything, this one knows its niche and it focuses on it with a bunch of selected actresses that truly show you how to have a good time. The videos are shot in clear HD images so you may enjoy nature’s beauties as if you were next to them. Sometimes the ladies will have a hot threesome inside, after an intense pool aerobic session, therefore, the lights and the water are playing light games on their wet and sleek bodies, getting them to look shiny and plump as they go down on each other and orally pleasure their friends. Group sex is nothing out of the ordinary and the ladies even show some tattoos sometimes or even genital pierces just to hint to their open-mindedness when it comes to doing it with their female friends. The lesbians are more than happy to satisfy their male viewer as well when they make sure that their hot and hard fucking is visible clearly through the lenses of the camera. The thumbnails are made from gifs that feature the beautiful scenes they shot while doing a particular movie, so you can decide before clicking on it if it’s your kind of movie.

Site Girls

The girls are slick and slender and ready to roll around in the woods like some naughty wood fairies. The fluorescent lights that hit them at the pool or when tanning inside are only helping outline their hot bodies as they prepare to 69 together or sensually scissor. A hot session of twister or rafting can turn in a matter of minutes in a hot fucking session as the ladies go at it naked and it only take a bit of familiarity before they take on each other’s bodies. They love tasting another woman’s breasts as they finger eagerly, waiting for that sweet juice to pour in their mouth when they’ve made their partner wet enough. Sometimes the fucking will be so intense the ladies are squirting all over the place but that doesn’t seem to be a problem since most of their hot sessions are taking place near bodies of water. The water environment is preferred for a hot, sticky sexual encounter so they could wash their dirty bodies after rolling around in the excitement of the moment. Just because they’re lesbians, doesn’t mean the ladies don’t love a nice piece of ass, and that’s what some of the videos will be showing you if you decide to click them. They know that all parts of their bodies are beautiful and they make sure to give each of them the needed importance as they suck their partner’s clit and stick more and more fingers in their pussies.

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If you love perky tits, the dangers of fucking in nature and lesbian ladies showing each other a good time, this is the site for you. The viewer is one of their goals when making these videos so you’ll never feel like you weren’t part of the action, as if the two ladies are getting the supreme satisfaction from seeing you get off to them banging in boats. They love going down on each other and they’ll do it in any position possible as long as they get the satisfaction they so deeply desire and you get your dick hard as a rock just by stroking it while watching them have multiple orgasms. The ladies know how to do each other and what to do to get you done at the same time, and the advantage of this website is that getting familiar with a reduced number of ladies will allow you to come with ease each time you see a new video from them, because you’ve learned by heart their decorated bodies and you can’t wait to see them go at it again in pairs or in a group, depending on the setting of the scene – and they just love feeling you watch them.

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