More Than A Girl


If you yearn for a little of both worlds of sex entertainment, More Than a Girl is an eligible choice. You are presented with titillating scenes of hot sexy trannies with a host of goodies that pass the test of choice for most dudes, girls and fellow shemales. The models are graceful and gorgeous. Most of them have fully developed boobs and other female features. They are also endowed with large sized cocks that complete a set of all anyone needs for a comprehensive sex tool box.

Site Features

Most of the background is cast in a light grey color that contrasts well with the content presented. There are several browsing tools that I used to check out the variety of content. There is a tagged categories list that leads you to your choice of entertainment when you click on it. Users are provided with a chance to build their favorite selection in a special folder. You can stream videos and download as much as you want. The streaming experience is smooth and seamless.

There are no photos but you have some exciting vidcaps extracted from the actual videos. The quality of the videos provided on More Than a Girl is impressive. If you love bonuses, you are provided with a chance to check out more flicks on Tranny Star network. I could check out the videos straight from mobile phone. The tweak that allows users to check out the content via mobile phone is a great and progressive idea. It is a convenient way to catch up with your porn entertainment wherever you are with your mobile device.

Site Girls

The types of girls you have on this porn site are the More Than a Girl type of cuties. The models are hot sexy and adventurous. They do virtually everything a girl can do and more. They happen to have an attractive pack of goodies that impresses both worlds. You are treated to a variety of videos that come in high quality form. The Tgirls are indisputably attractive and seductive. They are endowed with sumptuous lips and attractive faces complete with stylish hairdos.

These trannies have a lot to show for their sex libido. You are presented with many of these models in bareback sex sessions that capture them screwing fellow trannies, or giving their boobs to other tgirls to suck them while others are sucking at heir wily. If there is something that lesbian sex denies the sex mates, it is the feel of the real male shaft drilling into the hot stimulated pink holes when the girl reaches her peak. These trannies have their sessions with the girls and the effect is electric. While they provide the girls with the tender touches reminiscent of lesbian sex; the kisses, the squeezing and the systematic sensual romance action, they stand in with their tools when the females want their holes to be ruffled with something hard. These trannies are clearly lucky beings endowed with a piece of both worlds.

There are over 190 videos to check out on More Than a Girl. You can check out the flicks in a variety of formats including WMV, MP4, and Flash Player. The flicks come with a 30 minute playback span. Although there are no still photos available, you are treated to a number of vidcaps.

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More Than a Girl is a rich tranny porn site that features crisp clear videos of shemales in steam bareback action. You will love the great variety provided. The models are gorgeous hotties willing to show you what they are made of. The range of sex acts is impressive.

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