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If you think outdoor sex is boring, then you need to get your priorities set straight. It is exciting and arousing and makes a hell out of an adventure. Now what more when you decide to turn a normal road trip in your van into the most intense fuck fest by picking up girls along the road. These ladies need a quick ride to wherever they intend to go and they end up getting sucked into this fuck portal disguised as a van.

Obviously, the porn site’s name is derived from the actual activity of fucking inside this huge vehicle. More so, as soon as they have picked out their girl or girls of choice, the fucking commences without further ado. Here you will be witnessing a lot of blowjobs, plenty of tit fucks, even more orgies than the usual. Each of these is so hardcore, that it will take little to no time for your much-awaited erection. You won’t be seeing other sites tackle on such an oddly satisfying theme.

From fresh faced beauties to mature ladies, these men won’t be stopping at anything to get into these women’s pants. Moreover, these ladies are not one to back out in a challenge as they are quite horny themselves. Or they just want to get to their destination as fast as they could. Nevertheless, you won’t find a single boring thing on this porn site. You will be drowning in pleasure as you watch girl after girl get fucked in both their tight little holes, the men showing no remorse, and the ladies just getting riled up as the pace goes. Now who says road trips are boring? Because it certainly isn’t so for these guys in My Bang Van, and I’m sure it will apply the same to you.

Site Features

Now, My Bang Van is part of the ever so famous and oddly twisted ‘Extreme Movie Cash’, so expect a redundancy of interface similarities. Like all other porn sites under this big network, My Bang Van’s layout and interface areĀ borderline minimalistic and dull. It’s what you expect from a cheap porno flick that you grab online for free, only it isn’t. In order for you to gain proper access to its features, you will have to be registered and pay the monthly fee. Then you’ll become a premium member. You can always cancel or extend your membership in the future if you wish to do so. Once you become a member, you can do whatever you please. Take note that you can sign in by clicking on the member’s area right on top of the site itself, where the menu tab is located.

You will notice that besides the members area, you can access the home page (Home Button), the movie index page (All Scenes/Movies), and much more. You can practically find everything in the menu tab once you have settled on an account. A short description of the porn site is available for reading on both the tour and the home page. Right below that is a number of huge video caps that represent some two or three videos that are featured. Each of those groups has a short description of the video, as well. There are no photo sets available meaning there won’t be anything that sparks a professionally taken photograph. There are video caps that take its place and they do wonders, nevertheless. They are pretty crisp and clear despite them just being mere video caps. As of the moment, there is no obvious model index and most of the scenes are left with no clear descriptions. You will have to let the thumbnails and the caps do the talking.

In addition, you will be given access to other porn sites besides this one. It becomes one pass for all kind of thing. You will have complete access to the listed bonus sites that are on the same network for free. Just simply log in with your My Bang Van username and password if prompted. You should be taking advantage of these because they take on a different air than My Bang Van. That is a whole new set of niches for you to explore.

Site Girls

As of now, there are estimated 250 videos in the site and no photo sets at all. These 250 scenes can last up to 20 minutes each and they introduce a hot and hardcore collection for its members to enjoy. Being around since 2010, they have already established quite the number of videos so there is more to be looking forward to when you step in. They also get weekly updates wherein they upload one full episode of pure, unadulterated sexual material. Some contents are exclusive while others are not. Only a few number of non-exclusive videos are in here, though, so don’t let that get to you.

The scenes can either be downloaded or streamed in your browser with good internet connection. Streaming will give you a 720 x 576 resolution while downloading will let you save it in your device in a WMV format with the same resolution given for streaming (720 x 576). With almost 250 videos and counting, you should anticipate a throng of hot girls whose only desire is to be screwed constantly.

Get ready to see these girls asking for a lift and then whisked away in a van. Inside, they start to engage in hardcore sex acts and orgies as they head down to their destination.

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Alright, so if you have a problem with non-exclusivity, then this site is not for you. If you don’t mind that for an ounce of second, then go right ahead because this site is quite good despite the raunchy name it’s given. You get beautiful ladies, hardcore sex scenes, and a decent video quality. The video count is not bad at all, either. Plus, the bonus sites they are giving out have some really good things going about too.

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