Often times, we accept rides from complete strangers. We are usually certain that we are safe and after all, the van drivers look friendly enough. The last thing that crosses our minds is that they would ask for any sexual favors but as the fresh faces on HelplessTeens find out, nothing in this world comes without a price. FetishNetwork has done it again! It has brought to us a world of helpless fresh faces who get caught and the wrong place and wrong time and endure a lot of sexual perversion before being taken back home. Does this sound familiar? HelplessTeens is a wild site that is certainly not for the faint at heart.

The fresh faces on the site find themselves stranded in strange places and in utter desperation for safety, they get into a stranger’s car. While this may seem like a stupid move to all of us, it is the only move that they could make. Of course, this is where the action begins. The car ride quickly turns into the ride from hell as the fresh faces are asked to perform undermining sexual acts for the car driver, if they do not do as they are told, they have to endure hardcore sex. Unfortunately, these girls never get to their destinations. They mysteriously disappear, never to be seen again. HelplessTeens is the replica of a horror movie. Don’t get me wrong, I love an intriguing adult site but this one has taken everything to the next level. Even though this kind of action may be disturbing, it will captivate you in the most amazing way.

The rising libidos and the fear factor combines into something that is out of this world. Thankfully, the action is staged, all in efforts to bring you entertainment in its purest form. The fact that FetishNetwork thought of putting together a site of this caliber is absolutely genius. It takes as away from the redundant and repetitive porn movies and it gives us something new. I doubt that you will be ready to travel on this world side because even the site does not prepare you but as they say, the best adventures are of the spontaneous kind. HelplessTeens is a site that makes a bold entertainment statements.

The site will motivate you to tap into your darker side and embrace the pervert inside you. This has made HelplessTeens a site with the biggest influence. Exhibiting a steady growth, it has over 35 videos that last for as long as 45 minutes each. On a monthly basis, the site uploads about two new flicks without fail. At least you can always look forward to the new arrivals. In the meantime, if you think the site does not have a collection that is big enough, members are given access to 40 bonus sites that are all under the FetishNetwork. This simply means that by signing up to the HelplessTeens, you become an automatic member of the site.

Site Features

When you log into HelplessTeens, you will first end up on the home page. Here you can tell everything that the site is all about. The ‘help’ sign and fresh face being dragged in the van give the concept away. However, the HelplessTeens still has a level of mystery. The home page has sample video shots that show the evidence of newly updated scenes. As on any other site, the flicks come with download and streaming options.

The HD quality that is embodied by the films is amazing, especially because it makes for crystal clear viewings. The site has a lot of interactive options and this lets members navigate truly. There are links that loud to the photo galleries in case you want to see some eye candy. Each gallery comprises of about 40 pictures, thus, there is plenty to see. You do not have to get stuck in one place for too long, the site allows you to jump through the collection. HelplessTeens offers the best browsing experience.

Site Girls

The fresh faces in HelplessTeens do not portray the best case of beauty over brains however, they are overly attractive and have an undeniable appeal. It is the desperation on their faces and their great-looking bodies that register with the van driver and he decides to give them a ride. All the models have individual scenes and therefore, you should forget about threesomes and gang sex scenes on this platform. At first, they are really stranded before they get rides in the vans of doom. Their cries for help do not do much for them. The action is really interesting because the fresh faces are dragged to the back of the van and restrained using rope and chains.

Some scenes even show them gagged using their own underwear while getting fucked by their abductor. The truck drivers are stronger than the girls, therefore, there isn’t much that they can do to defend themselves. Unfortunately for them, the drivers are either sex maniacs or perverts who see a good time when they see them and there is nothing they can do about it. The fresh faces are usually picked up at the side of the road, thus, the location scenes are inside the back of the van. On the scenes, you will be able to connect with Sally, Crystal Rae, Ashley Adams and Michelle Martinez among others.

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HelplessTeens is much more than your average reality site. This brand new production will show you that adult entertainment has not lost its place in the world. On the site, every minute counts and as you sign up, you will be part of a never-ending roller coaster of wonderful emotions. The only way to know what HelplessTeens can truly offer you is to take the site for a ‘test run.’ I am sure that you will love everything that you see.

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