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MySexySavita is the most outstanding Indian housewife and MILF porn site in the world, showcasing the sexy MILF, Savita. Savita is a curvy slut with big breasts, beautiful body and a lovely mouth which she uses to perfection. Fucking like there’s no tomorrow, Savita gives blowjobs, drinks cum and loves anything related to nudity and sex. As a MILF, she is respectfully called Savita Bhabhi with Bhabhi used to address to married women, and when translated, means ‘sister-in-law’.

Such sultry and sexy Indian women are every amateur stud’s wild fantasy, and one who can teach these guys the intricacies of having sex, and in turn, earn the world’s most intimate pleasures. In a conservative country like India, Savita comes as a whiff of fresh air, for she is a liberated soul. Unshackled by the ropes of society, she has a mission to define her sexuality and to that extent, she loves to fuck men, in fact, many men, to satisfy her carnal needs. And MySexySavita captures these ultimate moments very beautifully.

To know more about this amazing site, we have prepared and compiled this comprehensive review for your perusal. There are a lot of great takeaways from MySexySavita, and this review will describe what are these takeaways, and how they can add an amazing and everlasting ejaculation experience when you jerk-off.

Site Features

MySexySavita has a very simple, but eye-catching site. The colour scheme is probably the most attractive part of the site and uses a combination of golden yellow, white, black and yellow ochre in wonderfully thought out measures. The yellow is dispersed throughout the site in the form of floral designs, irregular stripes and in the logo of MySexySavita. Black is used very judiciously, and in combination with the two shades of yellow, looks fabulous. The floral design and black are repeatedly used throughout the site to accentuate various sections of the site, in which the videos are loaded. While the colour scheme is very attractive and hits you positively when you log in, the rest of the site puts an equally strong impression on your mind, be it the banner at the top, in the header, the tabs and the placement of the video thumbnails in the body of the page.

The videos are arranged in a neat grid format, and on the tour page, one can check out 24 of them. Well, MySexySavita doesn’t provide you with a free trailer, and if you must check out a video, you need to subscribe, even if it is a paid trial version. The videos are loaded in black boxes, with a one-line identification for the video. A View full video link in a yellow-ochre box is placed below the video thumbnail. On the thumbnail, one can see the number of views and number of likes. This can help one to get to the most popular and most liked videos without any difficulty.

The banner that you will find at the top, in the header section, brings you to terms with the site. The beautiful thumbnails of Savita, naked, kissing, getting fucked, licked and eaten makes for excellent viewing. One thumbnail you will love to watch is the one in the centre, showing her left boob. Man, I loved watching it, as it showed how sexy this slut is. The other thumbnails are equally impressive in showcasing the sultriness of this bitch.

A description of who Savita is, what she likes, how she wants to explore her sexuality, and her openness to sexual experiments is seen in a black box. To the left of the description, there are four photo thumbnails. Below the description, critical statistics about Savita are found, on a white sub-box. We shall check out these stats in the next section.

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Site Girls

Savita is a vixen, who knows what makes a man cum. An Indian MILF, she has already got her pussy screwed by her husband’s dick, and now, she needs more to satisfy herself. Her innocent face hides a siren who knows her way around in the ocean of ogling men. And hat’s off to this brave and wonderful lady, she can carry herself with élan wherever she goes and uses her charm to seduce any man of her choice and get him to fuck her.

Her critical stats are a testament to her attitude. When any man looks at her chest, or more specifically her boobs, he cannot take his eyes off them, even for a minute. And when she wears a body-hugging dress, the breasts protrude out to invite kinky stares from horny men. And Savita loves the attention her breasts receive. No wonder, she loves her 38DD breasts so much. When a guy sucks those lovely nipples placed at the centre of her lovely breasts, she is literally on cloud nine and jumping up to reach seventh heaven.

Her 30-inch curvy waist cannot wait to be squeezed and held tight when fucked in doggy style or when invading her ass. The curves are accentuated when she is naked or wearing a very flimsy saree and the outlines of her curves are clearly visible from the see-through saree. Tickle the bitch or run a peacock feather or plant a soft kiss on the curves, and watch the soft moans that Savita lets out of her mouth. You will want to kiss those sexy lips and get her aroused so that you can fuck the hell out of her. Pussy is shaven while the cunt is pink and hungry, ready to eat any dick that comes her way. With a bitch like Savita around, do you need to go elsewhere?

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MySexySavita is a world-class site to feature the most famous Indian pornstar, Savita. Going by the screen name, Savita Patel, the slut lives the life of animated character, Savita Bhabhi to the T. What makes MySexySavita more adorable than any other site is its affordability. With a trial plan and recurring and non-recurring plans at your perusal, the non-recurring annual plan is the best, as it won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and once you pay, you can forget about it until the next year. Sexy bitch, outstanding videos, and amazing pricing, what more can you ask from a site?

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