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Asian women have this appeal that no other women exude. They have this charm and brilliance that just makes you not want to take your eyes away from them. Japanese women in particular just look like they were made to be fucked and it’s no mistake that Japan makes as much porn as any other Western country. One amazing site that’s all about Japanese hotties is here to make your Asian wet dreams come true.

JPShavers is the porn site for all your Japanese porn needs! Japanese are known to not really shave their pussies but this porn site has you covered for all your shaved pussy needs! Enjoy the largest archive of these Asian cuties and their shaved cunts for you to watch and enjoy!

Site Features

The website is almost like a breath of fresh air with their white and light design. The home page shows off a respectable amount of videos that range from censored to uncensored goodies. There are over a hundred videos for you to choose from of the hottest names in the Japanese adult entertainment industry. All these girls are big names in Japanese porn and you can look no further to find the best content that can’t be found anywhere else.

The videos page of the site lists all of the videos which you can choose to filter to find the exact porn that you are looking for. You can choose to look at the newest, most popular or oldest ones in the collection to truly make out which video your heart desires to watch. The DVDs page shows you all the DVD collections available on the site. The DVD cover and title are listed here. The models page lists all of the models in the site. The newest models are first to be shown but you can choose to find your specific favorite by going through the alphabetically or searching their name in the search bar. The Categories link will show you all the categories you can choose from like amateur, anal, double penetration, POV, cosplay, and outdoor. There are many more for you to choose from so don’t forget to check it out when you visit the site!

The site boasts its immense archive of the best shaved pussy porn in Japan. This means you get hundreds of videos, pictures and downloadables for you to enjoy. You will be given instant access to the freshest releases of the best Japanese porn in the market out today. VIPs are also treated to mobile access to the site meaning you get to enjoy your porn anywhere and on the go whether you want to watch it on your phone, tablet, PC or TV JPShavers has you covered! With frequent exclusive update of the best Japanese Adult Videos, you are sure to be filled with delight as JPShavers gives you access to 22 other sites of amazing Japanese porn giving you access to over a thousand videos and a thousand girls to enjoy! Talk about a bargain!

Site Girls

Japanese JAV idols are one of a kind. They are a special type of porn actresses and it’s no wonder why they are regarded so highly by other porn enthusiasts in the world. Most Japanese girls are known for their milky white skin, beautifully long black hair and their ample sized breasts and cute bottom. And when they start showing up on the videos, it’s really hard to tear your eyes away from them. With that, I will list some of the best JAV idols that are part of the site.

Shuri Atomi is a divine maiden gifted to us by the kamis themselves. This sweet girl has the face that could melt anyone’s heart no matter the orientation! Her signature bangs with her long flowing locks make her look like the Japanese maikos that roam the shrines of Japan. Her slim figure makes it very easy for the men in her videos to carry her around and it’s quite a sight to see. She will star in anything may it be cosplay, gangbangs or simple vanilla sex and it will always leave you with a boner that could go on for nights on end.
Next up we have Sankihon Nozomi whose body is that of a Greek goddess! This JAV idol looks so damn good with her plump breasts, beautifully carved legs and that shaved pussy that you would just love to go and lick. Her specialty is pretty much starring in any and all kinds of porn especially the MILF ones because why the heck not? She looks pretty darn hot and those boobs could level a mountain! She’s also very flexible making her one of the most entertaining to watch since she can practically twist her body in very ridiculous poses just to achieve that erotic high. A JAV idol that you need to look out for!

Lastly, we have the innocent looking Eri Natsume who could easily fool you into thinking she wasn’t a crazy sex machine that could outfuck anyone in the room! She looks lovely in most of her clothes even with an almost flat chest and seeing her in a bikini is sure to make your heart skip a beat. She can easily suck a cock like a pro, licking and sucking while bobbing her head to the beat of lust that boils in her veins. An amazing girl who can do an amazing footjob, Eri is one gal that you need to check out!

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JPShavers is the site for your Japanese porn needs. With thousands of videos and girls under their belt you wouldn’t even come close to finishing all of their videos in a day! You’ll come back every single time just wanting more of that shaved Japanese pussy that this website has dared to share with the world. Join JPShavers today and get instant access to all of the videos in their site plus access to 22 other sites giving you even more reason to love Japanese porn!

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