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Incorporating massages into your porn experience can result in some truly pleasurable jerk off sessions. A massage is a great way to relax and get into the mood for sex, and offering massage to your partner can serve as some brilliant foreplay as well, enabling you to enter a state of mind where intimacy is readily established and eroticism is right around the corner.

At 1080p full HD quality photos and videos, your porn viewing experience will be enhanced. Nuru massage is a special massage technique that uses Nuru gel for massaging. The unique aspect of Nuru massage is that the masseur/masseuse and the client are completely naked. Instead of using hands to massage the client, the masseur/masseuse uses his/her body to massage. This body-to-body massage makes watching Nuru massage porn a treat to watch. When you watch such videos with your partner, you go boner in no time and end up fucking her very hard. The porn videos are amazing, to say the least. HD quality videos are a feast to your eyes.

Before you subscribe to this site, wouldn’t it be a good idea to read a review? Yes, this is what we have done now. We visited this site with the intention of understanding what this site is about, the kind of massage videos it presents, the concept of Nuru massage and how the massage ends up having oiled-up sex. We also checked out the cost of subscribing the site, the overall ambience, and design of the site as well as the sluts and videos that you can enjoy. The review concludes with our verdict on this site. We are sure, you will also second our verdict and decide to subscribe to this site. But first, it is time for you to read this review.

Site Features

The ambience that this site exhibits is akin to the ambience of a sexy massage parlour. The site features a unique combination of cyan and black as the background colour scheme. This accentuates the neatly arranged videos in the form of an array. With about 20 pages of videos, and each page containing about 24 videos, there are over 400 videos for you to enjoy. The array is customizable and you can arrange the videos by view count, rating, date uploaded, or by porn stars or by the genre in which it is uploaded. This element of customizability enhances your ability to search videos of your choice.

If you are impressed by the neat arrangement of video thumbnails, you will be equally impressed with the overall design of the site. A header with a slideshow of partner site on the right, NuruMassage banner on the right makes it impressive. On the header, below the slideshow, a strip with tabs to videos, pictures and porn stars as well as to the partner sites, can be seen on the left. On the right, you have the login drop down and the brightly yellow coloured Join Now box. Getting around the site is like taking a walk in the garden.

On the tour page, you have a bunch of videos, pictures and porn stars, one below the other. One feature that stands out on this site is the “Submit A Fantasy.” This feature allows you to share your Nuru massage fantasy to a user forum. Very often, the site shares these fantasies in the user forum, seeking votes. The fantasy with the highest number of votes will be the theme for the next video. So, what’s your Nuru massage fantasy?

When you click on the join now button you will be presented with the various subscription packages this site offers. The monthly package is affordable, but when you consider the annual subscription you will be shocked by just how cheap this site can be. The discount offer on the annual subscription is massive, and saving so much money will put a smile on your face, leaving you with pure joy and satisfaction.

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Site Girls

What makes Nuru massage a hot site to jerk off to? The very act of massaging. What does this word, massage, remind you of? Close your eyes and imagine? What do you see? A guy or a girl, visiting a parlor and getting massaged by a person of the same sex. Am I right? The masseur/masseuse applies aromatic oil over a body covered at all strategic places. With firm hands, the masseur/masseuse gives the client a relaxing feeling. The oil and its aroma relax you when you are massaged. 

Nuru massage is different from the regular massage that you may have experienced. This massage involves the client and masseur/masseuse naked. After the masseur/masseuse applies the Nuru gel on the client’s body, he/she uses her body to massage. This is a free-for-all session where the client is aroused and gets to have sex with the masseur/masseuse. 

In general, Nuru massage features a guy seeking the services of a masseuse, either at the comfort of his home or in a Nuru massage parlour. A majority of the porn videos on this site features this type of Nuru massage. There is also a reverse Nuru massage is when a masseur massages a slutty client. A very common form of Nuru massage is lesbian Nuru massage. Though gay Nuru massage can be seen elsewhere in other porn sites, NuruMassage does not feature gay porn.

The sluts are amazingly beautiful, sexy and out-of-this-world. You would not keep your eyes off the computer screen when they strip off their clothes and get naked. They are superb in the shower, when they cleanse the stud, stroking his dick and preparing him for the massage session ahead. After the shower, she pours the Nuru oil on the guy’s back, rubbing it all over his body and ass. She uses her breasts to massage the oil between the ass cheeks. The hard nipples rubbing against the asshole will set temperatures soaring.

Turning him around, she uses her breasts to massage the guy’s body, kissing him all over his body. The best part of the massage video is when she titty fucks the guy. The oiled breasts and dick shines in the light and gives an aura of divinity to the sexual experience. The video ends with the slutty masseuse giving an intense blowjob and getting fucked. The stud loves this and fucks the living-day-lights out of the masseuse. She loves to take his hot cum inside her mouth, tasting and enjoying every drop.

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This site offers a porn experience that is unique, and relaxing. Now that you are done with reading this review, you know what to do. Click the yellow button, Join Now. The site is amazing, has an ambience that is difficult to replicate, and offers the best porn experience in your life. 1080 full HD porn videos, pictures and pornstars, will keep you glued to this site for a long time. Affordability is a major hallmark of this site, making it a must-have site in the list of regular porn sites that you have subscribed to.

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