The use of lube for our guilty sexual pleasures is fairly common but what the Lubed porn website adds into the picture is that they are one of the most high-end lube niches out there in the porn industry. Meaning they are the best at what they do, which is utilizing lubes for sexual purposes. They are the makers of Passion High Definition, Exotic Four Thousand, and Porn Professionals. They are continuously filming the hottest 2016 porn stars in 1 on 1, 2 girls on 1 lucky dude, and also 3 girls on 1 very lucky dude. The shots are mostly on powerful ‘Point of View’ styles in 4 K Ultra High definition, which makes these eye candies much more visually stimulating treats. The Lubed porn website content is directly on point.

Site Features

When you first go into the web page of Lubed, you will see that the collection is not very large in terms of video count, unlike other big porn websites out there. What you will also notice is the quality of the pictures is very sharp and crisp. The interface is not too complicated in fact it is very simple and a bit lacking at times.

As I have just mentioned, the porn flicks content is not that large due to the fact that this is a brand new porn site. But even though the site is new, the big leagues in the porn industry made it. This porn site is quickly gaining momentum with the updates coming in every week.

The porn scenes at the Lubed porn website are mostly streamed in 4 K Ultra High Definition, and they can be downloaded in your preferred screen resolutions and file formats, ranging from a staggering 4 K Ultra High Definition M.P.E.G. – 4 file format to lower quality file formats and resolutions. In the end, it all comes down to your preference. The 4 K High Definition files are mostly over 4 GB. Using the fast speed of their website at three MBs per second, it will still take you more or less an hour to download the videos.

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Site Girls

3 or 4 ways group fucking, or 1 lucky dude versus 2 beautiful girls, or 1 insanely lucky bastard versus 3 stunning beauties. These are the scenes that you will most commonly see on Lubed. The fucking sessions commonly begin as sensual touching and rubbing, as if they are savoring the moment, then it gradually leads to some fiery sex crazed hardcore fucking. I am sure that this will make you yank on your junk as hard and as fast as possible.

One of the oldest tricks in the play – book, is lubing up a bare body to enhance the features of an already well-sculpted art. The most beautiful females on this planet combined with the highest quality video cameras result in a visually stunning masterpiece. One of the common scenarios that you will see is jerking off porn, hard fucking, and girl on girl action porn. The jerking – off sex scenes feature hot and lubed up ladies rubbing their boobs, their cunts and their whole bodies to please their client. These porn scenes are usually prequel to the hard fucking and the girl on girl stuff that will occur after the erotic massage. Think about a very hot lady, who has a big appetite for sex, but the problem is that she is all alone. So she starts touching herself to stimulate her own body. The hard – fucking scenario is one of the most frequent that you will encounter.

If you are a lover of hardcore porn then tune in, because if you think hardcore in other porn sites is intense, it does not even compare to how intense hardcore sex is when combined with lube. Just like a well-oiled machine that can go into full throttle. The girl on girl porn scenes features lovely ladies having fun together in a very erotic way. What you can usually see in the videos are 2 girls on 1 male type of scenarios. These lovely ladies love licking butt holes, vaginas, manually handling each other’s junk, and a whole lot more.

No matter what type of sex they do, they do it good, and it is accentuated by their good ol’ lubes poured into their curvaceous bodies. The lube accentuates every visual, especially when they are hit with just the right amount of light. If you know the saying ‘just add water’, at Lubed, ‘just add some lube’ and everything will be a whole lot better.

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The Lubed porn website looks visually amazing, but the content is a bit limited at the moment. But with the advent of their weekly porn content updates, they will keep it coming to make you come back for more fucking lubed sex scenes. Almost everything on Lubed is high end. To give you an example of how high end they can be, they have high-end porn stars, high-end cinematography, and high-end porn video and picture quality output.

All of these are mixed with some good old regular lube to make it even better. But in order for you to keep up with the high-end stuff that this porn website has to offer, you must also have some high-end stuff like high end/ high-speed internet, and some high-end graphics card and video card to be able to unlock the full capabilities offered at Lubed. Because without the proper display and proper hardware on your computer, you will not be able to enjoy the full capabilities of this website.

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