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Porn enthusiasts like us and as we are, I am betting my ten cents that you have not heard of live sex shows and what they entail until I mentioned it just now (or maybe you actually do and I am just being an arrogant dick asking that sort of hypothetical question). Moving on, odd as it may sound, in Europe, this is something that is considered normal and such events do happen on certain rare occasions (or maybe it really happens every night and not many of us are aware). Really though, when I first heard about it existing in some parts of the globe, I wanted to hop on the next plane and head to where it is being held at that time – but that could be unnecessary effort since these things are actually given a schedule (which I obviously do not have). I am not exactly sure how legit these live sex shows are when actually “live” but they do claim to be and I am giving them the benefit of the doubt, and also slightly hoping they are as legit as it can be because that would be amazing.

If so, I will be making sure that I am adding it to my itinerary the next time I plan on visiting Europe. Moving on, when I say live sex shows, I really mean sex shows. No metaphors and no innuendos. Straightforwardly, it is as what I describe it. These are actual intercourses happening in front of a live audience and if the thought of that does not excite you in any way, then I am not sure what will. Just thinking and talking about is enough to make me feel hot and bothered. Since this “live sex shows” are considered huge in many parts of Europe, it would not be too surprising that they have set up a porn site that is solely dedicated to the subject at hand. They take videos and film the entire live performances and everything that happens in between. Although rare and unique, one company decided to take things to another level: ExtremeMovieCash. They took it upon themselves to give us the general public, a taste of this so-called live sex performance by digital means in the face of ScandalOnStage – and they did a great job on it.

These are not rehearsed productions that go through editing and stuff – these are taken from live shows and are surprisingly candid. This one right here is not the same as the usual porn we are accustomed to. It is something more and something even much fascinating. These live events are raunchy, lewd, slutty, exciting, and hardcore, combined with the right amount of gorgeous women and hot men and their sexual antics. You will see a lot of stripping, a lot of fucking, a lot of lesbians, a lot of blow jobs, and so much more.

Site Features

ScandalOnStage’s website design is not something you would be calling simple or minimal. On the other hand, it screams fun, recreation, pleasure, indulgence, and amusement – an aspect that really speaks volumes especially when you have been properly acquainted with what the site truly is. The site was meant to be entertaining and it is not hard to miss that demeanor and countenance. With its niche focusing on live sex shows and hardcore sex, expect it to be loud and this is exactly what ScandalOnStage is really about. Despite the boisterous, rambunctious, and eye-popping color schemes sitting in a seemingly black background (seemingly because I am seeing a girl’s backside and a couple of fish net stockings), it does not let you stray too far away from the content because they focus on these quite obviously, with the help of the high content number of video thumbnails sitting in the main page.

The navigation is fairly basic and simple and the user interface is very easy to manage. In other words, it is very “user-friendly”. The links are easily positioned and with just a click of each assigned button, it will instantly and rapidly take you to its kindred page. The very top part of the site is where you will locate the menu tab and its many links that are sitting prettily. The Home button, the Photos button, the Movies button, the Bonus Sites button, and the Members button are the ones that are positioned in the menu bar. These links will obviously take you to familiar places.

Unlike the many porn sites under the same network, ScandalOnStage is greatly blessed with working photo sets. It is so blessed; they almost have over 200 galleries up to now. Each photo set contains 100+ individual photos but you cannot download them in zip files. Keep in mind that with your membership deal in ScandalOnStage, you get to access other sites from the ExtremeMoviePass network for free. Now, that is an offer you will not be able to refuse.

Site Girls

Majority of the girls (and boys) in ScandalOnStage are European. Even though you will not be hearing much of their conversations on stage, due to the deafening roar of the techno music, you can still hear a little bit of it here and there and you will notice that none of these individuals speak English.

Moving on, when these scenes are uploaded on the site, you can view them online with your embedded flash player or simply download them in the format available. As of the moment, you can save them in MP4 or Windows Media Format. The pixel resolutions available at the moment are mostly in HD, with a whopping 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. No download limits for any of the components here and updates seem to be going on, on a weekly basis.

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I love how unique and full of life ScandalOnStage is. I love how they managed to have come up with a lot of content and still implement a super good video and photo quality. If you wish to tackle the odd and fascinating, make sure you check ScandalOnStage out because no regrets will be formed in the future if you do so.

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