Porn has come a long way in offering you some of the most unexpected niches in the world. When the first porn movie was made almost a century ago, none had expected amateurs to be among the hottest properties in this industry. But today, the porn industry is probably dominated by amateurs who can give you the most amazing jerk-off sessions in your life.

What’s so special about CollegeRules? After all, it has only amateurs, right? Well, amateur is right, but you should understand what kind of amateurs. CollegeRules is a site where users submit their sex videos for the hunks and studs like us to enjoy. And the sluts who feature in these video scenes are not nubile ones. They are kinky cunts who want the world to know what they do in the weekend parties, the orgies they enjoy, the outdoor sex that they manage to steal so often, the bathing and fucking sessions they have with their boyfriends, or the way they cheer when a guy is fucking a bitch with all his might while the slut is screaming and moaning with pleasure.

You realize that this is the most natural sex you will come across in porn. And when sex is natural, it elevates your porn experience, and this will bring you back to this site often. Trust me, if you subscribe to this site, you will keep coming back to this site, every day, without fail. But before you do this, it makes sense for you to check out the review we have prepared. On reading this review, you will realize that this site is truly value for money and gives you amazing amateur porn.

Site Features

CollegeRules has a simple layout that will catch your attention the moment you visit the site. But simplicity cannot define this site fully, for it is only an adjective. To describe the features and design of this site, we should start from the beginning, the top of the site.
What I liked about the site is the way the header and the logo of CollegeRules has been designed and placed. The header is black in colour, and CollegeRules is written in bold, capital letters. If you look at the logo intently, you will find that it has a chalky look and feel. Initially, I did not pay so much attention to the logo and its design, but when I checked it out closely, I realized that this is how the header has been designed, and it made complete sense as it focuses on amateur sluts who are in the final stage of their formative years. The logo is placed to the left of the header.

Towards the right-hand edge of the header, there are two links, one for members and the other for joining the site. Below these links, there are three tabs with a grey background – Latest, Popular and Join Now. Needless to say, the “Latest” tab takes you to the page containing the most recently uploaded videos, while the “Popular” tab takes you to the most popular videos on this site. By default, the tour page of this site is the Popular tab.

You have only one tour page to explore, after which you must subscribe to this site. Let us take up the description of the tour page first. We shall check out the subscription part a little later in the review. There are 80 video thumbnails for your entertainment. But to view them, you must be a registered member. However, the thumbnails are hot enough for you to just look at them and enjoy the sluts in their birthday suits. The light grey background for the videos helps the thumbnails to stand out conspicuously, and you are sure not to miss out on the minutest details that the videos offer you.

The site provides daily updates and when you have 80 videos on the tour page, imagine how many more you would enjoy if you became a registered member. These numbers seem endless. The videos have a short but sweet title. I wouldn’t even call it a title. It is more like a caption than a title. Below this you will find the duration of the video, the total views and the star rating of the video. There is something surprising I would like to share with you. All videos have a five-star rating, at least the ones I saw. Stupendous, isn’t it?

Site Girls

Amateur realistic porn has a charisma that will keep you asking for more. On CollegeRules, you will not only ask for more, you will want to be a part of all the action that is shown to you on your computer screen. You will also get nostalgic when you watch the sluts being fucked and the guys doing nasty things to these chicks to get the best possible sexual experience. You will be reminded of the time when you attended these weekend frat parties, involving sorority sluts who were ready to get naked for hot cocks.

The chicks are sirens of this site. No pornstars, no artificial enhancements to body parts. All natural and genuine. That’s the promise CollegeRules gives you. One glance at the chicks and you will want to ram your dick inside her wet cunt like a hungry predator devouring its prey. The sluts have amazing asses. Perfect for pounding her asshole and provide you a soft cushion during the act. When you spank, and whack the ass, listen to that sharp yelp that the slut gives you. Wow! This will surely drive you crazy.

To watch the videos, you will require a registration, but one thing is sure: the video thumbnails will give you an idea of the kind of hotties are on this site. Among all the sluts that I checked out here, I could find only one chick with a hairy pussy. Everybody else had a clean-shaven pussy. In fact, the lone hairy pussy was not hairy but trimmed.

The chicks possess curves that look well-accentuated, especially when they are naked. Some of them look hot with their body piercings, especially in their navel. And what about the part that defines them the best, their boobs. There are no words to describe their soft and round mounds of erotic flesh on them. When they lie down, the boobs are huge mountains, with the perky nipples as the peaks of these mountains. Sucking the nipples sends shivers and shocks of pleasure across the slut’s bodies. They eat cum, like a cum facial, lick a pussy creampie, and swap cum too. I can go on for hours, but must stop here. If you are excited, then read the conclusion for there is something important that will make you jump out of your chair!

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