Shock In Town


Running down memory lane, it was good to visit that old building, containing beautiful scenes from when I was on a nudist beach, having fun with my friends, just sitting and drinking, dancing and spending the days away. As I grew nostalgic I searched for nudists online and found a very nice blog, shockintown, a blog devoted to public nudists, something that is very dear to me. And I’ll share it with you, as you could definitely grow to love it.

Site Features

As with every blog, so does shockintown have a similar page, containing posts. These posts, however, may not always be your typical photo-text posts, as they do have all sorts of videos, with nudists from all over the globe. You could click on one of them and read about a certain experience, always enhanced by a photo or a video, and simply enjoy your time while viewing nudists. You could also search for one of the links in the right part of the screen and see some different action, all in the area of public nudism.

The layout of the site is as simple as they can get, which is very good, as a lover of nudity, you would not want to feel perplexed by a complex design, or faulty logic and terrible navigation. Speaking of navigation, it was very good, switching between posts and videos/photos. When I visited it from my mobile phone, I saw that it was as responsive as on the desktop, while also being optimized for mobile devices.

Site Girls

A nudist blog, and expectations might be high. And they should be, as there is nothing that could disappoint you about this, especially given the fact that these stories are real and that the people on the site have all had a nudist experience at least once. The posts are full of high quality photographs and videos which you would just love to see. If having fun on a beach or somewhere else is your kind of thing, then stick around, as it gets really hot once girls start removing clothes. You have many fresh girls, eager to show off their perfect bodies on a sunny day, but you also have all sorts of women, mature, yet still very seductive, in a fashion which only a woman with experience could have.

Now, as I’ve mentioned, the blog is full of videos, and they are really long in duration, just imagine how much time people could spend on a beach. Having that as a background thought, add full HD to it, and start thinking about it. Crystal clear videos of real life nudist experiences, where you get to see women take their clothes off and enjoy themselves to the fullest. If you tire of listening to the random beach chat, just switch to the photos and enjoy the view and the silence that comes with it.

Now this blog has a membership plan, one that you should consider, even though it may sound strange at first. Full access to videos that someone must film on a beach with a very small camera really should be funded, as you get access to stories of nudists and naturalists which you can rarely find elsewhere. The price is really attractive, as well, being quite cheap.

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My nudist memories were definitely gladly recalled, especially when I saw that people still know how to enjoy themselves on beaches all over the world and that it was not a one-time thing.

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